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I Am Malala Summary

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Summary of "I am Malala"

"I Am Malala" is Malala Yousafzai's courageous memoir which begins on October 9, 2012; the day the Pakistani Taliban attempt to assassinate her. Malala was riding the school bus home, like everyday, when her bus was ambushed by two men. "Who is Malala?" one of the young gunman asked and then shot her in the head at point-blank range. This inspirational story of Malala's supernatural recovery has taken her on an astonishing journey from northern Pakistan to the United Nations in New York.
Malala and her family lived in the Swat Valley of northern Pakistan that was incontrol of the Taliban, which were against girls getting an education. However, Malala was not just attending school, but was also thriving in it.
Her father owned a chain of schools himself and encouraged education for both sexes. Eventhough Malala was the only girl from his three children, he supported and championed her to attend school and educate herself well, just like her brothers. He even often spoke out publicly against the Taliban and criticized the Pakistani government for not fighting the Taliban harder. Malala was inspired by her parents to speak and write for woman rights, especially educational rights. She was interviewed by the BBC and other national and international news organizations to promote education for girls. In 2011, she even won Pakistan's National Youth Peace Prize and was nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize for her boldness in speaking out for education.
After the publicity heard of her speaking commitments, the Taliban started sending Malala and her father death threats. Therefore, Malala no longer walked anywhere alone, and rode a rickshaw to school and a bus home from school. However, she never stopped going to school until the day she got shot. In the upfollowing days, she remained unconscious and in critical…...

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