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I Am Ready for Change. Are You Ready for Change?

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Pols 115: Introduction to American Government Section: 1PM MWF Instructor: Dr. Steven Andrew Light November 24, 2008

I am ready for change. Are you ready for change?

I am ready for change. Are you ready for change? The democrat Barack Obama was recently elected as the new President of the United States, with a fairly convincing victory over the republican John McCain. The American people where obviously ready for change, but would there have been any major difference if the outcome of the election was turned in McCain’s favor? There would naturally have been some differences between an Obama presidency and a McCain presidency, but both naturally want what’s best for their country. So if the differences between an Obama presidency and a McCain presidency would result in an outcome that the U.S. population in general would be better off or benefit from, are not very likely. Obama spoke about change, he got elected, so now it will be interesting to see if he practice what he preach. People have always been promised a lot from politicians, and people often end up being disappointed because a politician doesn’t deliver what is promised. Maybe the most important change Barack Obama can make is changing this impression, and he should do that by making the financial crisis, the increasing unemployment, and the extraction of U.S. soldiers from Iraq, the first three priorities he will deal with as the President of the United States. Barack Obama isn’t going to be a Messiah for the American people, he will hopefully do a decent job, but there are limits for how much that can be done, and the American people are going to become aware of this when the placebo effect of having elected the popular Obama starts to wear off. The financial crisis is right now the most important issue Obama should address and deal with when he goes to office. This is an issue where the outcome...

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