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I believe love is meant to be. Ill have always taken my relationship seriously. I can say my first relationship has thought me many things. Its crazy falling in love with the person you least expected. I'm currently in a relationship that I'm learning every day. When I was 16 I met the man who I can now call my fiancé and the father of our beautiful baby boy. One day back in the summer of 2008, I was at my father house in Southbridge. It was a nice sunny day ,you can hear the birds chirping and wind was brushing through my hair. That day my father was waiting on my sister and her friends because they were going to buy a car piece. My sister pulled up with her friends OJ and his cousin. All I got to said to him that day was "hi" and that was it. Who was to know that five years later. I was going to bump into him again. I went to my friends house in Waltham and he was their outside with his friends. That night we all decided to go the bar. He knew how to make me laugh and he was such a gentlemen.
To me love is out there for everyone especially for those who believe and hope for it. At times you can have the one of your life in front of you and not even realize it. That chance of truly being happy sometimes slides right through people hands. I knew what I have when he showed me what type of man he is. he is a great husband and a great father. you have to give your all and go through the hardest things to get the best in return. To care and give your all is one way to express your love.
I carry the lesson to better my self and to make my other half happy too.i know no one is perfect. we all make mistakes and the only thing we can do is to try our best to not make those mistakes again. the best part about true love is that you can accept them for who there are and all their flaws.we work on things together and we try our best to deal with everything in our…...

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