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June 25, 2012 was the day that changed my life forever. I was awakened around 1:00am by the most horrific noise coming from my husband, Jeff. He was having the most violent seizure I had ever witnessed. I started shaking him and screaming his name in hopes that he would snap out of it, but he remained unresponsive. My hands were shaking so much that I could barely dial 911 for help. It seemed like it took forever for the EMTs to arrive. They immediately began to try and stabilize him but all of their efforts fell short so their focus shifted to getting him to a hospital. It took about forty-five minutes to get him loaded onto a gurney for transport to Trident Regional Medical Center, the closest hospital. Jeff was still seizing when they left in the ambulance.

I arrived at the hospital around 2:30am and was informed that the doctor(s) were trying to stabilize Jeff so they could run some tests and scans to try and figure out what was wrong. I decided to call Jeff’s brother, Greg, and let him know what was going on. Greg left work immediately and came to the hospital along with Malinda, their sister. We were summoned to a small, private room where we were greeted not by a doctor, but the hospital chaplain. As he began to talk, my heart sank. Why was he there and not a doctor? He was asking me question after question, but I could not answer him. I finally looked up at him and all I could say was that I wanted to talk to a doctor and that he could leave right then. By this point, I was crying hysterically and was terrified of what I would be told when the doctor(s) did show up.

Finally, a doctor came out to the waiting room to speak with us around 3:15am. He told us that he suspected Jeff had suffered an aneurysm and was going to have him transported to the NSICU (Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit) at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina). Greg and I…...

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...Faith Faith can be a substitute to “belief”, “hope” or “trust”. These are all verbs that are missing in the relationship between Paul and Sarah. However when we are introduced to Brian, a football passionate who starts camping on their rooftop, we are also introduced to a confidence and certainty of a cause. This is one of the main themes in the story “faith” by Nick Hornby, which proves to us, the readers, just how important believing in yourself, and realizing how great an impact your surroundings might have. The story takes place in a flat in London where the couple Paul and Sarah lives. This is where the husband and father Brian invades the roof and life of Paul and Sarah’s. We suppose it takes place in the 21’st century at least build on the mentioning of TV-programs (l. 2, p. 50) and an open-top bus (l. 42, p. 50) for an example. Even though the story has a 3rd person omniscient narrator, we learn mostly about Sarah’s thoughts and a big part of the story is also through her point of view. It is also generally her that changes throughout the story. Sarah feels stuck in her life (l. 21, p. 46), and perhaps that is why she considers the thought of having a baby in the first place. But then she has doubts whether, she is ready to the commitment: “What about work? What about money? What about sleep and friends and smoking and drinking and travelling and what about eating curry, for God’s sake […]” (p. 46 l. 12). As said, Sarah feels stuck and sees her......

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...Faith is the promise of God that gives us the hope and confidence so we can receive, act on, obey, and trust God’s promises, because God is sovereign and trustworthy. Faith looks to and is fuelled by hope, it gives us optimism, builds our confidence, and helps us to be bold and to remain faithful. Without it we can have no joy. Without it we cannot pray. Without it we can never find peace with God. And without it we will certainly never please God. Since I was small, I used to have faith on God. My parents instilled in me the value of honesty and respect to religion. Because I had faith, I succeeded in all of my activities. From childhood, I was very interested in my studies. I always wanted to be the top student of my class. And it became possible because I had faith upon myself. I used to play football, basketball and cricket matches quite often. Whenever I went for playing, I used to have faith upon myself and my talents that I would surely do my best. Sometimes, I failed but I never gave up my faith which, I think, is the most important thing of my life. After the completion of my high school, I did some leadership service and volunteering. At first, I feared to face the huge mass and speak in front of them. But my father used to tell me to have faith in myself and to practice hard for everything to get success. So, keeping that in mind, I expressed all my opinions and became one of the fluent speaker. It was all due to my faith upon myself and God that I became......

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...Faith is something you know rings true deep down inside. You know truth when you hear truth. It’s undeniable; it is infallible. How much is too much? Too much faith … hmm, that’s a good one. I believe that it’s too much faith when it stops you from getting things done, much like for example having faith in that my laundry will get done whether I do or not. It also can interfere with relationships—believing if you just did this or that and they may or may not react, or in hoping he feels the same as I do. It believes blindly in a relationship that goes nowhere, but where you wish it to go. That is when faith in that aspect would not be good for anyone. The faith I have goes beyond the visual what you see with your eyes, or what you hear with your own ears. It is a knowing. It’s truth. How much is too little? If you have no faith then are you empty inside … Hmm, no not really, but there is something missing and you will always be on search or quest to find that one thing missing. Faith is not just wondering through life believing only in what you can see, feel, touch, hear, and taste. It’s beyond all physical realms, which makes it spiritual. Can faith fail you? The answer is yes, “only when the faith you had was not a true one.” Is it trustworthy? If your faith is ingrained deep down into your soul, of course it is very trustworthy. It is what people who have it never feel without that something deep down. It’s like I said from the beginning—“It’s an unwavering......

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...Faith can sometime relate to me in a kind of funny and ridiculous way. In fact some of my faith goes straight to one thing in particular, The Dallas Cowboys. One game specifically was where the Cowboys were down 2 and it was the last play of the game. Our kicker Nick Folk had to make a 60 yard field goal in the snow to win the game. As I watched the kick from Nick Folk fly through the air and BARELY make it through the upright, I had faith. But my celebration was halted when my dad and I realized that the Bills (Our Opponent) had called a timeout right before Nick had kicked it, HE HAD ICED HIM! So God testing my faith, made me sit through another nerve wrecking field goal, and as Nick did before, he made the kick and won the game for the Cowboys. So no matter what disastrous event happens to the Cowboys, I always believe that there is a chance in winning, and I latch onto my faith. But faith for me surprisingly is not just Football and the Cowboys. My faith occurs sometimes when I am scared, hurting, or upset. For instance an example is when I was at one of my mom’s work fundraisers. I was excited because they had a rock climbing wall. So when I was climbing, I realized that I was almost to the top, but there was a big hump in the wall that I had to get over to reach it. So in order to get over the hump I had to make a difficult leap and grab a far knob. So with faith in myself and in the rope to catch me if I fall, I leaped to grab the infamous ledge. Right there at......

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