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I Don't Know Who I Am

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I Don’t Know Who I Am In the movie Wanted directed by Timur Bekmambetov, a young man finds out his long lost father is an assassin. When his father is murdered, the son is recruited into his father's old organization and trained by a man named Sloan, actor Morgan Freeman, to follow in his dad's footsteps. The anxious, clumsy and abused office clerk Wesley Allan Gibson, actor James McAvoy, has a boring routine life: his obese boss humiliates him all the time and his girlfriend betrays him with his colleague and best friend. When he meets the attractive Fox, actress Angelina Jolie, Wesley is informed that his father was a professional killer that belonged to an ancient organization called Fraternity and killed by the skilled and powerful Cross, a hit-man that has betrayed the Fraternity. Wesley learns that his anxiety actually is a symptom of his hidden abilities and he joins the society under the command of Sloan. Trained by Fox, he changes his personality and attitude, being prepared to face the dangerous Cross and find out the shocking truth. James McAvoy plays the role of the young and mediocre office clerk. He is a five foot seven one hundred and sixty pound man of the age of thirty. He is of Scottish nationality and in the movie Wanted he has scruffy brown hair with no facial hair. Wesley Gibson was, for a lack of a better word, as average as they get.
James McAvoy’s character in Wanted, Wesley Gibson, is initially frail and practically everyone’s personal pushover even for his girlfriend and best friend. His overweight boss never stopped nagging about the billing reports and his apparent lack of initiative; his girlfriend was constantly complaining about the condition his apartment was in and was always telling him what to do. He suffered from chronic anxiety attacks and had to take prescribed medicine for it. Then after being confronted by Fox and taken under Sloan’s wing, he came out of his shell and he became the opposite of a pushover—an assassin. He no longer took no for an answer and became much stronger in his will to succeed and be the best of the best. He then finds out that his so-called anxiety attacks were an excess of adrenaline being pumped through his veins and ramping his heart rate up to an unheard of 400 beats per minute. After grasping his new lifestyle and everything that has changed he had to focus on killing the man that murdered his father, Cross. To do this, he had delve into Cross’s assassination history and study his every move in order to be successful. After grasping the full concept and idea that he was following in his father’s footsteps, Wesley knew he’d had only been giving half of his effort and time. He realized that he had to give it everything he had and to not give up; so he trained harder and learned faster and never rested till he thought he was ready. At this point he turned toward Sloan and demanded that he be given the assignment to kill Cross. Whenever Sloan rejected this demand once again, Wesley had had enough. He knew he was prepared and that he had trained well enough in order to fulfill his destiny. After yelling and arguing with Sloan, Sloan then decides to give him the mission that Wesley had been training for. And so Wesley knew he had to have a plan and a perfect plan at that in order to be successful in his duties. So instead of using his animal instincts and charging blindfolded toward his opponent, he sat down and studied everything about him and sought out a plan to take him down.

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