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Abdullah Noorulhaqq
Tara Burge
AP English Language Composition A
March 10, 2015

One author gives a firsthand account of what it was like to live through The Great Depression. Read this excerpt of John Steinbeck's essay "I Remember the Thirties."Then, answer the following questions based on Steinbeck’s rhetorical strategies. 1. The author says the decade had "a beginning, middle and end." His essay also has this structure. Briefly describe these three sections in Steinbeck's essay.Essentially the beginning, the middle, and the end he refers to are the beginning, middle, and end of the Great Depression. He described lie before the Depression as a writer. During the Depression, he described how tough life was and how writers were hard hit. After the Depression, he described the success he encountered in s his book. 2. What is Steinbeck's attitude towards those who "had it made" at the beginning of the decade? Quote the words or phrases that lead you to this conclusion.Steinbeck’s attitude toward those wo had it made was almost one of pity or somberness. He knew that those who had it made were not on solid footing and that the money they had could go as fast as they received it. What really helped me was “Their eyes had the look you see around the roulette table.” Meaning that they did not know what to expect next and had their hopes penned on something that was not even certain. 3. Steinbeck's use of sensory details provides a vivid description of life during that period. Choose two phrases containing sensory details and discuss why these effectively convey the author's image.I saw the wild spending, the champagne and caviar through windows, smelled the heady perfumes on fur-draped ladies when they came warm and shining out of the theaters. And Their eyes had the look you see around the roulette table. Effectively how “high and unpredictable the lives of...

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