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All budgets for the project have been depleted and yet there are several steps needed to complete the project that require funding. If the budget has been depleted and the project still requires funding, the project leader has to propose a plan to prioritize the tasks that has to be completed without affecting the project. The project leader should be able to figure out which of the customer priorities can be compromised and by how much. The WBS element has to be reviewed and reworked on with the new funding. Associated risks also have to be reviewed in case some of the tasks are eliminated. If the customer is willing to delay the project, because of budget constraints, then the project leader can cut some resources to manage cost and finish the project at a later date. The project leader should encourage the team to use cost effective measures for all the remaining steps of the project. It is important that the project leader motivates the team by appreciating their work completed so far and help them understand that the work they are doing is important and is likely to be successful if they give their best in the last steps of the project and that they will be rewarded fairly for their efforts. New information comes to light that radically affects the project’s scope; for instance, management has recently purchased equipment that functions more effectively than the project team’s solution. When controlling scope changes, project leaders need to be effective negotiators. The project scope and deliverables if well written can be used to negotiate. Wise project leaders understand on one hand the customer’s sense of urgency in performing the project and on the other hand the change management problems that occur with changing the scope at the closing stage. Project leaders need to prioritize the opportunities presented with the scope change and discuss...

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