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I'Ve Got a Secret (Need Help)

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Module 4 Project
David Hollingsworth
MAT 143
11 November 2015 I’VE GOT A SECRET!

Learning outcome:

Upon completion student will be able to: * Given linear and exponential data, interpret the rate of change within the given context. * Represent linear and exponential models as equations, tables, graphs and verbal descriptions.

Scoring/Grading rubric:
Each table is worth 10 points and each question is worth 8 points.


Everyone has had some experience with gossip. In this lab, you will explore how well rumors (or secrets) spread when this information is passed on to other people.

Scenario A: At noon, you get some great news but you need to keep it a secret. It’s just too good to keep to yourself; so 5 minutes after you get the news you call 2 friends and tell them, but swear them to secrecy. They understand how important it is to keep a secret, so they don’t tell anybody. After 5 more minutes you call 2 more friends, and again they keep your secret. You are just so excited that after 5 more minutes you make your third set of calls and tell two more friends.

Fill in the table below to show how many people are told and how many people know the secret after each 5 minute interval. (10 points)

Time | 5 minute interval | Number of people told | Number of people who know | 12:00 | 0 | | 1 | 12:05 | 1 | | | 12:10 | 2 | | | 12:15 | 3 | | | 12:20 | 4 | | | 12:25 | 5 | | | 12:30 | 6 | | | 12:35 | 7 | | | 12:40 | 8 | | | 12:45 | 9 | | | 12:50 | 10 | | | 12:55 | 11 | | | 1:00 | 12 | | |

Scenario B: Suppose you call the first two friends at 12:05 and you are satisfied because you’ve shared your secret, so you don’t tell anybody else. Unfortunately, none of your friends can keep a secret. Like you, they just need to tell two friends, but then each of those friends...

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