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Haipeng Fu
Analysis of the External Environment:

I want to build a home decoration company in china.
General Environment
1 Demographics: China has the most population in the world. There are 1.35404 billion people in my country. In my hometown Liaoyang city, the urban resident population is 1.824 million. This is a huge market.
2 Legal: A few years ago, Chinese government encouraged the real estate industry. The relevant laws and regulations provided convenience for this industry. At the same time, the related industry developing rapidly. But in recent years, the price of house is too high. The people cannot afford it. The government issued some policy to control the price. This indirectly affects the enthusiasm of real estate developers. It also indirectly affects the development of home decoration industry.
3 Sociocultural: China is a country with a long history. It has various traditional cultures. Especially the housing culture. There are so many elements of decorate a room appeared in Chinese 5000 years history river. As we know china is an ethnic fusion country has 56 ethnic minorities. Different ethnic minorities have their different centuries-old cultural deposits. All of these elements could blend in home decoration. But in recent year, western culture becomes popular. More and more Chinese want to decorate their house like pattern of western house. This will impact to the traditional home decoration industry in China.
4 Technological: In this sphere, the home decoration industry has serious shortage in China. But after 2000 year, a large number of technical schools were set up. These school cultivated more and more high professional qualification talents. I believe the technological shortage will not be problem in the future in china.

Industry Environment 1 Power of suppliers: The reliable vendors are the most important part of an industry. My hometown liao yang city located in liao ning province. Liaoning province located in the northeast of China. It is a heavy industry base in china. There are many raw material processing factory that could provide all kinds material in Liaoning. 2 Power of buyers : Decorating the house is really important thing in china. A great home decoration could inhabitant feel better. A beautiful home is also a face. When some friends went to your house. And your house like a refugee camp, I do not think you could feel happy. So People will spend a lot of money to decorate their house. With the development of China's economy, Chinese become richer and richer. They will not become stingy in decorating house. 3 Opportunities: With the growing up of children was born after 2000 year. There will many apartment and house be built with ageing population increase. This is an opportunity of the real estate industry. It is also an opportunity of home decoration industry. 4 Threat of new entrants: The business opportunity is open. When an opportunity appeared, lots of people will join this industry. The threat of new entrants has not only the pressure of industry doyen but also the competition of others new entrants. At the same time, the new entrants will be confronted with cash-strapped problems, staff composition problems, problems of open the market and the problem of getting reliable vendors.

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