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Pages 3 The Role of the Internet in the Development of World Tourism
ABSTRACT: Tourism industry is considered as one of the largest and the mostdiverseindustries in the world. After the machinery and oil industry, this industry as a modern service industryandthe device to create connectivity among nations and various people in the world have been under public attention. Attention to this industry especially in the countries which are rich in historic, cultural and natural attraction resources is more considerable. Due to the lack of marketing, the role of this industry in the developing countries is paler than before. Development of this industry in Iran as one of the diversification strategies of country's income sources should be paid more attention by program makers and politicians' of the country. Today, marketing efforts are far more important than production and sales, so if a country has enough facilities andpossess potential of tourism but does not consider the marketing techniques and the introduction of this attraction in its programs, doubtlessly that country won`t be successful in growing and developing its tourism industry. Thus in order to gain progress in the tourism, giving attention to retrieval looks so essential and of course it is important to note that tourism development and marketing in the process are closely tied together and can affect different aspects of each other. The estimated statisticsindicates that despite many possibilities and potentials existing in our country, due to the lack of attention to the tourismmarketing, tourismindustry doesn’t havesconsiderable progress.

During a relatively short period electronic systems developed much from automation of separate working operations to creation of the global...

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