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This report was authored by Xeniya Kurmayeva 4307458,
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Saleem Rabbani 4531596 & Hesham Mubarak 4446902

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Executive Summary
In organizations as well as at home, work life balance is becoming a very important issue. As such, the
premise behind our research was to examine whether or not a link exists between organizational culture
and work life balance. In essence, we were looking to see if organizational culture affected work life
balance. Moreover, research on this relationship is limited and it was difficult to find previous literature
on the subject. We considered an UAE based bus assembly firm named Hafilat to test our hypothesis that
work life balance could be affected by organizational culture. Our findings supported the argument that
organizational culture can affect a firm’s provision of work life balance. It was only because of Hafilat’s
empathic and internally centric organization culture, along with their flexible organizational structure that
allowed them to provide work life balance opportunities to their employees. Furthermore, the top-down
approach to work life balance has allowed Hafilat to implement a unique yet effective work life balance
initiative. Their use of an unofficial work life balance policy was unorthodox and proved to be an
interesting solution to combat the rigidity of official policies. As such at an organizational level Hafilat’s
provision of work life balance is good, yet its employees still have a hard time balancing work and life.
Thus an important finding comes to light in that organizations should not only offer work life balance but
also train their employees in how to best make use of…...

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