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IT560 Unit 4 Assignment

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IT560 Unit 4 Assignment
Syed M Amin
Kaplan University IT560 Unit 4 Assignment

In the last report, it was highlighted that an ERP based system can not only facilitate our employees in making better decisions and giving more productivity but an off-the-shelf ERP solution can also lower the overall cost of doing business by eliminating redundant systems and processes. Also, off-the-shelf ERP software is the easiest to implement and carries lower risks associated with it because of feedback from companies that have already used the same software before.
Cost and time are key factors during the selection phase of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Customization to prewritten ERP packages is expensive, especially when the software needs to be upgraded. The answer to this is the employment of off-the-shelf ERP software. A …show more content…
Each new deployment of the software significantly enhances the features of the software unlike enterprise software models, where manufacturers get stuck with an obsolete system and suffer annoying version upgrades.
The integrated software automatically collects and fully integrates shop floor data such as production scheduling, real-time inventory control, tool and production tracking. It also contains enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions, manufacturing execution systems (MES), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) functions. Manufacturing data is collected instantaneously and is made to flow through the solution for smooth operations. This results in reduced costs and better decision making.
Plex ERP solution is designed literally from the ground up to bond suppliers, manage machines and organize materials. It has the capability to deliver the accounting and business intelligence manufacturing TBWI needs. Plex can help us achieve our goal of enhanced productivity, improved efficiency and innovation, and target more

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