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“Investigate one factor that affects the rate of water vaporization.”
Dependent Variable: rate of water vaporization
Independent Variable: amount of water
Controlled Variable: room temperature
Controlled Variable: surface area
Controlled Variable: temperature (100°C)
Controlled Variable: time (seconds)
How does the amount of water affect the rate of water vaporization?
List of equipment and materials:
* 500mL beaker
* Bunts & Burner
* Thermometer
Description of how to control and measure the variables:
* Room Temperature: The set room temperature in a room is most likely able to be controlled with the system. Room temperature is usually around 20°C.
* Surface Area: The 500mL beaker is significant because if the surface area of the beaker is larger or smaller, than the results of the experiment will be incorrect due to the different volume of water.
* Temperature (100°C): It is important to acknowledge that the temperature at which water boils is 100°C. This is controlled by how much gas and fire is released from the Bunts & Burner.
* Time (seconds): The time is highly important. Time is controlled by how much gas is released from the Bunts & Burner. The lower the gas, the longer it will take for the water to boil due to low heat.
The range of your measurements (from x to y) and the size of the increments within this range;
I will vary the temperature between 20°C and 100°C (boiling point) in steps of 10°.
Repeated measurements, average, etc.
I will measure the time for the beaker with different amounts of water each trial time it drops 100mL and then I will find the average time for each trial. Next I will divide the average by 10 to find the average period.
What data are you going to collect? Sketch a relevant table…...