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Iagoo Character Analysis

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March 23, 2014
Othello Essay
Iago from Othello the Play The play Othello by William Shakespeare is a play all about deception, betrayal, and lying. It starts out with two men talk one is Iago, and he seems to be jealous of one of his fellow Italian country men, Othello. Othello just got a military promotion that Iago felt he deserved or at least wanted. Recently Othello just secretly married a senator’s daughter, so the man and Iago are plotting on how to get him in trouble for this. It starts to make the reader wonder is Iago evil. It turns out throughout the rest of the story he makes everybody turn on their own friends and loved ones, to the point they kill each other, even convincing Othello to kill his new wife. So it makes me come to the conclusion Iago is most definitely evil, not only that he is knifing, and very persuasive. This is how evil he is, Othello gave his new wife this handkerchief, and it is supposed to be their handkerchief of love. Iago uses this sacred madrigal token, to turn Othello against his wife. By planting it in one of Othello’s friend’s quarters. Once Iago persuades Othello to go in the other mans quarters he sees it and becomes very angry, and jealous thinking the two have slept together. Iago convinces Othello he must kill his own wife for cheating on him. So eventually Othello does the deed and kills his own wife. This scene shows exactly how evil Iago is, he has enough evil in his heart to turn a lover against another. Just because he felt he was wronged for not getting the military promotion. Another example of how evil Iago is, when his own wife found out what he did to Othello and his wife, she was about to tell everyone and expose Iago as the evil traitor he was,but once she got more than half way telling Othello the truth, he stabbed her. What kind of man has the cruelness to kill his own…...

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