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Organizational Behavior
Exam/assignment paper

January 2016

The topic of exam paper should be the analysis/audit of organization or team from the point of view of selected part of organizational behavior (or a few selected parts). The topic(s) should belong to one of the groups: a) individual phenomena – personality, emotions, values, attitudes, perception, learning, national culture, motivation, decision making, b) group phenomena – group structure and dynamics, team roles, work teams, leadership, power, communication, conflict, negotiations, group decision making c) organizational phenomena – organizational culture, organizational structure, motivational system, organizational change, learning and knowledge management, CSR
You have to chose between two types of paper: 1. Narrow paper that focuses on selected issue of organizational behavior – you have to make an in-depth investigation into it, go to the details, dimensions, parts of the issue. 2. Wide paper that focuses on the whole set of issues of organizational behavior – in this case you have to present the alignment of issues – link them to each other, show how they work together.

The paper should be 8-10 pages long and should meet the following criteria: 1. The paper should be practical and empirical instead of theoretical. It should be based on research carried out within the organization or team. The research may be in form of participative observation, questionnaires or semi-structured interviews (the methods may be mixed). The theories may form the base for the development of research method and further analysis and interpretation of the results. 2. The paper should be focused at social part of the selected problem(s). This mainly concerns the topics from the third group – organizational phenomena. For instance, in the analysis of organizational structure or...

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