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IBM DB2 Express – C
The intent of this paper is to describe the installation process of the Microsoft Windows version of the IBM DB2 Express-C database. This is a light-weight version of the more fully featured configuration of IBM’s best-selling DB2 database and includes core DB2 capabilities, free administration, development, autonomic, XML support and access to the online communities and forums. The version downloaded and running is configured for dual core processors and supports up to 2GB of system memory. Insights gained from working with the database after installed are also shared.
Installation Process for DB2 Express-C
Downloading and installing DB2 Express-C is easily accomplished over an Internet connection. The version installed is 389MB and took approximately 10 minutes to download over a cable modem running at fractional T1 speeds. Installation screens from the steps completed to get DB2 Express-C up and running are shown in the Appendix of this document.
After installing the Control Center was invoked at the command line using the command db2cc which is specifically defined in the chapter assigned on DB2 Express-C. Using the command db2sampl -xml –sql to create the sample data worked, and there is the secondary option of using graphical interface commands to accomplish the same. The use of the DB2 Command Line tools show how quickly a multidimensional table can be viewed, edited and batch programming tasks completed using shell scripts in this interface. IBM has done an excellent job of making this free version of DB2 as fully featured and full of navigational and command options as possible.
What is most significant amount the design of DB2 relative to other databases worked with is the multiple approaches to getting commands invoked the flexibility on creating fully automated responses to queries, or the option of going entirely through graphical interfaces. Given the relatively straightforward administration features of DB2, it is understandable why many users opt to create multiple partitions and work through a series of application instances (Alsultanny, 2010). The ability to partition applications and a DB2 instance is also useful for enterprises looking to have security layers across each enterprise application (Alsultanny, 2010).
An additional design criterion that was clearly important to the IBM engineering teams working on this version fo DB2 is XML support for trees, nested configurations of options, commands across SQL tables and data structures, and the automation of databases architectures and data taxonomies online. The pervasive availability of XML command lines and support for data structures and taxonomies throughout DB2 Express –C is exceptional and well defined for use as a platform for Web-based and Cloud-based applications (Beyer, Cochrane, Hvizdos, Josifovski, 2006). DB2 could feasibly replace Oracle as one of the most dominant database architectures for Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications as a result of how well integrated XML, security, autonomic functionality, bath and real time processes and table definition are.
(Beyer, Cochrane, Hvizdos, Josifovski, 2006).
Another aspect of DB2 that is apparent from an initial review of the SAMPLE table, which is relatively simple data structure accessible either through the Command Center or view the command line (the latter is my preference as the syntax is clearly shown) is the fact that DB2 Express C would be ideal for managing complex data structures in a role-based or multi-access Web application. The support for advanced scripting, system catalog tables, global temporary tables, and indices including Design Advisor, Data Movement and Database Security, Record Concurrency, Locking and support for the advanced XML-based programming all position DB2 as a platform that can also be used for distributed order management systems, the creation of more advanced applications as well. With support for administrative APIs and the ability to actually create portions of APIs within the XML code, DB2 Express-C and its larger version fo the DB2 product suite are ideally suited for creating Web Services as well.
Installing DB2 Express -C is easily accomplished using the graphical interfaces and command lines as defined in the IBM documentation. The potential to create enterprise-class applications is evident in how this database has been constructed. There are intensive levels of integration for records definition, autonomic file definition and the use of table and data structures in this version of DB2. More advanced versions can support higher levels of ACID compliance

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