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Ibm Internal and External Environment

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Overview of the Business
IBM Corporation creates business value for clients and solves business problems through integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes. IBM solutions typically created value by reducing a client’s operational costs or by enabling new capabilities that generate revenue. These solutions draw enterprise software systems and financing.
IBM provides innovative solutions that exploit cutting edge technology for their clients.
The Business Model as a Value Chain for IBM
An important concept from Michael Porter (1985) is called the value chain, which is the firm’s business model. This tells the sequence of events of activities the company performs so that you can see what the firm does and it will show you where the firm is weak and strong.
To become acquainted with IBM’s Business Model, the levels are an important step that facilitates identifying and a better understanding of the company’s business strategy. * Customer Relationship Management * Research and Development * Project Specifications * Team information, technology and business problem knowledge * Project delivery

Business Strategy
IBM Corporation has consistently delivered superior performance, with a steady track record of sustained earnings per share growth. Despite the volatility of Information Technology and the growth spurts we have seen over the past decade, IBM has shifted its business mix, exiting commoditized segments while increasing its presence in higher value areas such as services, software, and integrated solutions. While IBM shifted gears, the company has acquired over 100 companies this past decade, complementing and scaling its portfolio of products and services.


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