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Supervisor Accounting:
Responsible for the Accountability and Supervision of different aspects of accounting functions for different lines of business, this involves approving Journal Entries, Analyzing balances, Account Payable, Expense Tracking, Researching Data and Assisting to Identify Variances, in addition, this position ensure that all regulations for each line of business are followed and the applicable reporting needed is met timely and accurately.
65%- Supervise the General Accounting processes including Account reconciliation, Receipts, Payments, Journal Entry Preparation and Posting to the General Ledger. Analyzes, Verifies and posts Transactions to Journals, Ledgers and Other Records, Ensure all Accounting Functions are completed accurately, timely and in accordance with Company policy and generally accepted Accounting Principles.
20%- Monitor Internal Controls to assure compliance. Develop and Implement Enhancements to Internal controls to increase the effectiveness of the Operation. Prepare and Submit Reports Related to Area Operation to Management. Appeals a working knowledge of applicable Laws and Regulations, Verifies documents for completeness and compliance with Government and Private Agencies.
5%- Complete Special Projects Assigned by the area management.
Excellent Professional written and verbal communication skills, Strong knowledge of fundamental Accounting concepts, Practices, and Procedures. Knowledge of Mathematical and Statistical Concepts. Ability to persuade, influence or negotiate possesses excellent leadership, communication organizational and analytical skills. Strong Decision-Making Skills. Ability to handle confidential or sensitive information with discretion.
Proficient in the use word processing, Spreadsheet, and Database Software. Ability to use Data retrieval applications, Standard office equipment, Oracle 2006.

Senior Accounting:
Monitor and Reconcile assigned General Ledger Accounts of a complex Nature, Process complex accounting activity, Resolve Variances, and document procedures to ensure accuracy of accounting information and financial reports, and compliance with established rules and regulations, Provide functional advice and training to less experienced accountants.
Monitor and Reconcile assigned General Ledger Accounts of a complex Nature, Process complex accounting activity, Resolve Variances, and document procedures to ensure accuracy of accounting information and financial reports, and compliance with established rules and regulations, Provide functional advice and training to less experienced accountants.
30%- Reviews, Analyzes, and verifies complex accounting and system transactions. Identifies resolves and documents variances, and Provides accounting information to Operational areas to help them Identify and resolve problems. Supports the month end, Quarter end and year end close activities in accordance with internal procedures and established timelines.
30%- Prepares daily and monthly account reconciliations of a complex nature. Ensures work conforms to all Contract/Business regulations and Instructions as well as generally accepted Accounting Principles, Federal acquisition regulations, Cost Accounting Standards and departmental policies. Maintains General Ledger, Processes Journal Entries and Generates Financial Reports.
25%- Complete assigned reports accordance with established due dates and produces management reports for cost behavior, Trends, variances, and other pertinent information applicable to the given line of business, Reconciles general ledger accounts and processes adjusting entries in accordance with internal procedures. Maintaining compliance with applicable regulations. Reviews and provides support to other accounting areas (Subsidiary Ledgers).
10%- Maintains current work instructions for all activities the Area. Reviews all departmental policies, Procedures, and forms used by the department to identify areas of potential improvement in those documents. Suggests updates and improvements in those documents or prepares a preliminary draft of the policies including the updates or improvements as necessary.
5%- Assists supervisor with special projects, Interfaces with Internal and External Audit Agencies. Provides guidance and Training to other Accountants, Consults with other Areas and gives advice complex Accounting Principles.
Written and verbal communication skills, Strong knowledge of fundamental Accounting concepts, Practices, and Procedures, Mathematical and Statistical Concepts, organizational and analytical skills.
Word processing, Spreadsheet, and Database Software. Use Data retrieval applications, Standard office equipment, Oracle 2006.

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