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1.) What is the organization type of Icedelights? Why?
• Promotional organization because they are supporting the Icedelights franchise.
• They were bringing an innovated product to Florida since there were very few gelato shops in the state.
• They had extreme objectives when starting the franchise Icedelights in Florida.
• Because there were a large number of risks there was high level of uncertainty in starting the franchise.

2.) Is the Icedelights opportunity a good one?
• Yes, it has the potential to be very successful because of its success in the Boston area.
• They have the opportunity to be the only Icedelight franchise owners in Florida.
• Good opportunity to become a part of a large business that is expanding.
• Good opportunity because they have a good relationship with the Icedelights owner.
• There were not many gelato shops in Florida which made for a very weak competitive market there.
• This is a good opportunity because they are able to attempt a career that they all want.

3.) What are the key risk elements?
• Risk of having no past experience in the food retail industry.
• Risk of Icedelight backing out on supplying the gelato product.
• Risk of not knowing Florida real estate.
• Risk of Florida not being a suitable spot for the company.
• Risk of being able to work productively together because of their different opinions.
• Risk of not having enough financial security.
• Risk of not having enough financial investors.
• Risk of obtaining money but not having enough equity.
• Risk of debt and fixed interest payments would restrict their growth and increase riskiness of the venture.
• Risk of not being able to handle the responsibilities due to their inexperience.

4.) Did they put together a good management team?
• They all had previous experience dealing with administration and finance; however, they had no previous...

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