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International Journal of Recent Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (IJRRSSH)
Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp: (29-39), Month: April - June 2014, Available at:

An Analysis of Indian Banking Industry with
Special Reference to ICICI Bank
Sana Samreen

Abstract: The last decade has seen many positive developments in the Indian banking sector. The policy makers, which comprise the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Ministry of Finance and related government and financial sector regulatory entities, have made several notable efforts to improve regulation in the sector. The sector now compares favorably with banking sectors in the region on metrics like growth, profitability and non-performing assets (NPAs).
However, improved regulations, innovation, growth and value creation in the sector remains limited to a small part of it. The cost of banking intermediation in India is higher and bank penetration is far lower than in other markets.
India’s banking industry needs to strengthen itself significantly In this paper, I have mainly focused on the overall analysis of the banking industry through framework like Porter’s five forces model. I have also concentrated upon the various developments being done in the industry along with recognizing the upcoming challenges as well as the opportunities to reap the profits even in troubled waters.
Keywords: Indian banking industry, Porters five force model, market regulation.



The Indian banking industry, which is governed by the Banking Regulation Act of India, 1949 can be broadly classified into two major categories, non-scheduled banks and scheduled banks. Scheduled banks comprise commercial banks and the cooperative banks.In the banking industry analysis the important thing needed is to first look whether we are talking of the investment banking or commercial or retail…...

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