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Ict in Health and Social Care

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Good Evening every one,

The topic I am about to discuss this evening its regarding to the use of ICT and how impact on Health and Social Care Field.
How do we support work in Health and Social Care by accessing and using ICT software package?
Information and communications technology (ICT) refers to all the sources that send or receive massages/information such as: -television
-cellular phones
- computer and network hardware
- satellite systems and services and applications associated with them, such as videoconferencing and distance learning.
ICT’s are often spoke of in a particular context, such as ICTs in
-health care
- or libraries

There are a numbers of ICT softwares but only the standards one applies on HSC such as:
-Spread sheets
-Information Retrieval (IR)
- Email
-Image software

Standard Office Software Microsoft Office includes:
-Microsoft Word : files/reports/documents
- Microsoft Excel : Spread sheets /Database – Analyse health and social care data, calculations, create health and social care timetable for scheduling, service users information
- OneNote : is a freeware note taking program. It gathers notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. Notes can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network.
- PowerPoint : create slideshows, composed of text, graphics and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and shown by the presenter or printed out on transparencies or slides

• Desktop publishing : Adobe InDesign, Quark Express, Microsoft Publisher – produce newsletters, magazines and other complex documents.
• Graphics software : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
– create and edit images such as logos, drawings or pictures for use in DTP, web sites or other...

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