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Ict Training Needs Analysis

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Researcher : Mary Ann B. Gatpandan
Degree : Master in Educational Management
Learning Center : PUP Maragondon, Cavite
Year : 2012
Adviser : Prof. Lizyl R. Rebusquillo This study was conducted to determine the ICT training needs of selected public secondary school teachers in the 7th Congressional District of Cavite in order to come up with recommended strategies, programs and activities for ICT Faculty Development. A total of 174 respondents from four municipalities in seven different public secondary schools participated in this study.
Descriptive method of research was used to analyze teachers’ ICT awareness, knowledge, attitude and practice. It was also utilized to identify teachers’ needs for teacher training, for their personal, and professional development. The major tool used in data gathering was a researcher-made questionnaire which was divided into five parts. The statistical treatments used after data had been gathered are frequency, percentage and rank distribution. Weighted mean was used to determine the needs of teachers’ for each ICT component. One-way ANOVA and t-test were used to test the problems involving significant difference. From the data gathered, it was revealed that teachers were aware of the hardware, software and internet operations. Based on the results, teacher-respondents have knowledge in some hardware, software and internet operations but needs to be strengthened by practicing¬¬ more often. Significant findings in this study revealed that teachers¬¬¬¬¬ have positive attitude towards ICT and that they are willing to improve themselves. In fact, they are interested to learn more computer software. The study also...

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