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Activity 3|


Animated banner|
Does the animated banner include everything specified in the CAB?| I had lots of information on the banner and this included all the information the cab specified. This meat that my banner had the right size, included the logo and stap line, ran continuously and also had a suitable title.|
Did you add anything else to the animated banner?If so, why?|I added information on where the community spirit event will take place and also I said that the event will be for promoting charities. Furthermore I included information on what activities will be available and also that there will be food and drink at the event too. I included this information so that people will know more about what the community spirit is about. They will be more informed on the event and will know why it is happening and this may convince them to attend the event.|
What title did you choose for the e-newsletter?Why did you choose that title?|I chose “support the community and its charities”. I include this because it has direct address which makes the reader feel more involved with the event which will attract visitors for the event. Also I included information about the charities as this is the main reason of the event and also what makes the event different from most community events. Furthermore I said “support the community”. This was so that people who don’t usually be part of the community can feel they can support it by coming to the event. |
How did you check that the animated banner would look good on your e-newsletter?||
How did you test the animated banner?|I played the banner back to see if the images and text that transition in come when they are supposed to and also leave the banner when they are supposed to. I made sure that everything was smooth and nothing was out of olace.|
What feedback did you get from your teacher and test buddy?|Test buddy feedback:Add more imagesMake your still slides slightly longer in order to give more time to read the informationAdd a more vibrant colour scheme i.e. use brighter and more friendly colours. |
What action did you take as a result of the feedback?|I added images of charities and also made the banner run longger by having the first set of information slide out of the banner so that I could say more about the activities and food. Also I included images of food and some activities for the event.|
What else could you do to improve your animated banner?|I am going to add a blue background so that the banner is eye catching and also goes with the colour scheme of my movie. |

What features of your design would make the e-newsletter appeal to your target audience? ||
What feedback did you get about your design from your teacher and test buddy?||
What action did you take as a result of the feedback?||
What else could you do to improve the design of your e-newsletter?||
Does the e-newsletter include everything specified in the CAB?||
How did you gather the assets?What did you do to prepare them for use in the e-newsletter?||
Why did you choose the assets?Have you taken copyright into account?||
Did you add any other features?Did they enhance the e-newsletter?||
How did you test your e-newsletter?||
Does the final e-newsletter differ from your original design?If so, explain any changes you made.||
What feedback did you get from your teacher and test buddy?||
What action did you take as a result of the feedback?||
What else could you do to improve your e-newsletter?||

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