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Ideas for Structuring Your Essay Response.

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Ideas for structuring your essay response.
In your opening paragraph:
• Reveal your understanding of the key concepts in the question including how key words such as discuss or describe, frame what you are required to do. Are you being asked to discuss (identify issues and provide points for and/or against), describe (provide characteristics and features) or evaluate ( make a judgement based on criteria or determine the value of)?Ensure you understand the requirements of the key words and their implications for your response.
• Acknowledge which area of content you are focusing on.
• Outline who the artists/critics/historians are, that you will be writing about.
Set the scene in your next paragraph:
• Establish your stance or position
• Address aspects of the content area in relation to the question. For example if the question relates to an artist practice, provide information about the artists world and experiences that may have contributed to their artmaking practice.
The main body of your essay:
• Elaborate and develop your position.
• Present a well-reasoned and informed point of view.
• Refer to artists, craftspeople, designers, architects, art historians or art critics that support your position.
• Refer to significant artworks that support the focus requirements of the question
• Use quotes to emphasise an important point you are making to support your position.
Depending on the requirements of the question, you may include:
• How the artworks evolved from the artists conceptual and material practice.
• How audiences interact with the artworks.
For the conclusion:
Depending on the question requirements, summarise or critically evaluate the position you have taken in addressing the question.
Every subject has its own vocabulary. The Visual Arts has a long tradition of specific terms to describe processes, periods, styles, meanings...

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