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Bangladesh as an independent country started its journey with fertile lands. Lands, farmers and crops these were the scenario of Bangladesh economy with very few industries. But now the economy is getting the base to stand on the industrial sector. Although the depiction of performance of the economy of Bangladesh is a mixture of success and failure but every time the process of doing business is changing ,and slowly but surely crossing steps to introduce the nation to the globe. The government and people of Bangladesh are entitled to take some pride in the degree of success they have achieved since independence. A country can’t go ahead with out its enriched economy. From the birth of the country, people of Bangladesh are trying to do so. Fate of Bangladesh put it’s on such a play ground where the strong players are also active with their strong position. In today’s competitive market situation the most uttered word is Brand Brand & Brand. Bangladesh is also part of this competition. They are also competing head to head with world renowned brands. There are so many brands in which Bangladesh have contributions in building those brands through maintaining the quality and global standards. With that experience Bangladesh have also built so many brands for them. The thing which is giving Bangladesh and other nations to add another item in their portfolio of economical activities is “contract manufacturing”.
Contract manufacturing is a process that established a working agreement between two companies. As part of the agreement, one company custom produces parts or other materials on behalf of their client. In most cases, the manufacturer will also handle the ordering and shipment processes for the client. As a result, the client does not have to maintain manufacturing facilities, purchase raw materials, or hire labor in order to produce the finished...

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