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Identify Conflict

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Identifying Conflicts from Other Sources
Shelita DeCuir
ENG 125
Melissa Coakley
December 15, 2014

Journal on Identifying Conflicts from Other Sources
After going over and over this assignment I am unaware what I am exactly supposes to do. I will give this assignment a shot and I hope I get it correct. The conflicts dealing with Individual versus Individual, Nature, Society, Technology, and Self can be seen in Corporate America. As a Corporate American we always face Technology because it steady grows and we have to always be ready to face the changes head on. When it comes to ourselves “Self” we have to face ourselves because we have to separate the off duty self from the on duty self. Many people think people act the same on and off the job but they really don’t. Nature – one faces nature in ways of dealing with the weather. Look at what is happening in the North with all those snow storms. I know it is hard for them to get to and from work because of it. Lastly, individuals we have to learn how to cope with how people around us are. Sometimes we can deal with other’s personality and sometimes it is a challenge. Being in Corporate America is a very stressful yet important job to fulfill. I believe that the examples that were give in this week’s assignment helped me to answer the assignment as much as I can. I wasn’t sure on what reading assignments we had to read because all I see is the chapter reading in the book. So to answer the second question I can’t. Thank you for this...

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