Identify the Purpose of Different Types of Organisation

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1.1 Business Processes and Business Functions

The set of activities which are designed to produce the product for a specific market or customer. It involves a great importance how work should be done with in the organization and comparing with the product focus. In the process both input and out put will be clearly defined to achieve the objective. The process will create value by converting the input in to valuable output. To conduct a business activity effectively there are eight business processes that were identified to conduct a business. With in the process there will be a business functions that describes the activity of the firm in producing product, service or achieve objective. In skin care business process the process begins with input procurement and ends with service after sale of the product or service. The eight processes are grouped into two types one is core business process and the other is support business process.

Core Business Processes
The core business processes includes
* procurement, logistics and distribution in this the input will be obtained from various sources and stored it for further production, the finished product will be stored and supplied to the customers for their end use
* Operations that is the activities will be transformed in to final product
* Product development, here the existed product will be improved based on the feed back of the customer or through research for this the marketer will analyze the market and the new product will be designed.
* Sales, Customer accounts and marketing, in this activity to promote the goods in to the market the goods or product will be advertised and through retail management the sales will be done and even customer accounts will be maintained
* After sale service that after the product is sold to the customer it should be given support by rendering service…...