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Identifying Change Requirement

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Identifying Change Requirement

a. Requirements for change
Many factors require Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd to change. Such as significant alterations in customer expectations and demand, new technologies, competitors with innovative business models, effective communication and influence, shifts in workforce behaviour and values and Human resource management.

b. How identified change needs link to the organization’s strategic plan/ goals.
To ensure the projected growth of 7.5% in market share, the organization can use proven and prudent marketing techniques to understand the market segments, create the correct messaging, ensure proper delivery and receipt of those messages, and adjust messaging and marketing approach based upon feedback.
E.g - Many delivery services have their own smartphone apps. The lack of a mobile application can be a huge weakness for the company.
New organizational capabilities; talents and skills possessed by employees need to be built in order to utilise technology such as PDA devices and GPS.
Strategic communications is a key change requirement. It is required to support the implementation of inter-departmental transformation. Transparent and frequent communication is essential to effective change management especially with drivers and employees with resistance.

4. Review the organization’s current state
Fast Track Courier Pty Ltd is a privately held company that has been operating in NSW in the last 15 years. Its primary business function is delivering medium to large size packages across metropolitan Sydney.
The organization is pursuing new growth and expansion through strategic change management, given the recent changes in the marketplace and potential growth in the state of NSW. But the company is struggling to meet heightened demand for increasingly complex technology solutions and high resistance to change....

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