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Identifying Quality Issues


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Running Head: Identifying Quality Issues within a Struggling Retailer: Starwoods Hotel and Resorts

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BSOP 588: Managing Quality
Instructor: Richard Sheng
September, 2013

BSOP588 Final Project Proposal Outline-Jemetie McKeithen

1. Identifying Quality Issues within a Struggling Retailer: Starwood Hotels and Resorts

2. Starwood Hotel and Resort

3. Background/overview of organization
• 145,000 employees (2013); 1,162 stores
• Hospitality
• Hospitality/Vacation Rental and Sales/Customer Service
• Brief synopsis of Quality management processes: Juran’s Quality Management seems to be the attempt of the organization.
 Planning- the organization appears to be planning ahead but more so for the new facilities for which it intends to aware…currently on the list for company’s least like to acquire or keep stockholders indicates a lack of commitment even by those who appear to have the most to gain or lose.
 Control-The company is losing control of their management, their employees and their investors
 Improvement- the company is attempting to make changes internally as well as externally; however, seem to be stumbling over their feet.

4. Introduction to the Problem
• Identify the Quality Issues that need to be addressed o Performance issues that have continued to be present and duplications since 2009 o Customer service issues due to employees who are not satisfied therefore there is reduce morale and production o Lack of respect and motivation for the employees, no opportunities for advancement o Improved focus on the corporations existing properties prior to attempting to globalize o Quality establishments dwindling therefore customer satisfaction falls and lawsuits with payouts increase o Focus on remaking the hotels and resorts fell like home with the flare desired

5. Opportunities
• Potential gains from successful quality management processes
• Reduce overall spending (liabilities by doing it right the first time)
• Increase employee loyalty by provided proper training incentives and respect
• Revert back to previous business practice that rendered the financial expectation while keeping happy customers who refer other customers
• Improve customer satisfaction
• A few examples of the organization’s goals might be to increase quality levels, lower costs of quality, increase morale and increase productivity.

6. Possible Quality Management Initiative
• Six Sigma- however it appears to be lacking something
• Engagement and Motivation
• Customer Segmentation

7. Linkage to Course TCO’s and specific topics in the syllabus
• TCO’S o A-Given a requirement to implement Total Quality, describe the historical and current practices, identify the various means for defining quality, and assess how quality is being utilized in both manufacturing and service industries. o C-Given an organizational need for ongoing improvement, demonstrate working knowledge of an established quality/process improvement program as demonstrated by Deming, Juran, Crosby, and other quality philosophers o I-Given a requirement to provide performance measurements of the firm's progress, be able to describe the measures, analyze results, and use the data for planning.

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