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Identifying and Managing Diversity of Workforce

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Robert D. Lawsson



Robert D. Lawsson (MSc)

The objective of this work is to complete a research proposal on the comparison of work values for gaining of knowledge for management of the multi-generation workforce. The specific focus is upon Generation ‘X’ and the Millennium Generation which are the two primary groups comprising the new workforce.

Lawsson R.D. - Identifying and Managing Diversity of Workforce


Business Intelligence Journal


The objective of this work is to complete a research proposal on the comparison of work values for gaining of knowledge for management of the multigeneration workforce. The specific focus is upon Generation ‘X’ and the Millennium Generation which are the two primary groups comprising the new workforce.

The generation that a person is born within has some impact upon that individual in terms of work styles, work values and self-image. The demographic profile of the workforce is undergoing quite a change insofar as the representation of generations and the result is that organizations are experiencing a necessity to make changes as well. The workforce will become increasingly more diverse in the future and this greatly affects the organization in its capacity of hiring and retaining employees. The literature reviewed within this study illustrates the fact that the expectations of employees differ within the generations represented in today’s workforce and unless managers have a sound knowledge-base of the needs and expectations of the organization’s employees then keeping these employees motivated may prove to be quite difficult.

2001, many intelligence agencies have experienced a surge in hiring however; many of these employees have five (5) years experience or less. Furthermore, a recent...

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