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BUS 210 Leadership and Organizational

I. Self Competency (93). My profile displays an above average level of Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs). I identify my strengths and utilize the effects to my advantage during daily operations on the job. I focus on improving areas needing improvement and adapt to new changes in life and work. II. Communication (89). Based on the student sample, I possess strong skills in the area of communication. My areas of improvement are my abilities to present information effectively to an audience. This ability is very important to effectively present information, especially considering my future plans of employment (management). My lack of ability to recognize nonverbal gestures could lead to a misunderstanding. This could cause friction on the job during the process of accomplishing daily duties and responsibilities. III. Diversity (92). Focusing on areas of diversity and understanding individual’s uniqueness during my daily life experience with others. I display the strong competencies for recognizing individual characteristics and using the unique strength as a mean to develop a competitive advantage throughout life and on the job. My lowest score was (7), based on the results, which means that I’m less likely to include ideas and values of those different from my characteristics. IV. Ethics (97). The results from the assessment displays that I possess strong KSAs incorporating values and principles to distinguish the difference between right and wrong when making critical decisions and using the perception of other’s behavior during home and working environments. V. Across Culture (89). Above average scores express my ability to relate and understand different cultures. Being open minded insures my abilities to display sound judgment when making decisions during daily...

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