Idrivesafely Texas Adult Drivers Ed

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Team 3: Monserrat Ibarra, Hortencia Jaramillo, Karen Vieyra, Luis García
First act
Patient (Karen): (ring tone)hello, I’m talking to Perfect smile??
Secretary (Tita): Sure, you’re right, how can we help?
Patient (Karen): well, someone told me that is the best clinic of the country, and I want to know If can you give me an appointment?
Secretary (Tita): Yes of course, when do you want your appointment?
Patient (Karen): I want it on Wednesday, like 6:00 ó clock, it would be nice
Secretary (Tita): Okey, perfect on Wednesday it’s fine.
Second act
The day’s appointment
Patient (Karen): Hi I have an appointment at 6:00 ó clock
Secretary (Tita): oh, well, let me check….oh, here it is 6 o’clock
Patient (Karen): (laugh) can I come in to the consult?
Secretary (Tita): I have to tell to the doctor and her assistant that you are here, and could you wait a few minutes please?
(stand by)
Secretary (Tita): Okey, they are ready to attend to you.
Third act
Asistent (Monse): hi, come in
Dr (Luis): hello! good afternoon, how are you?
Patient( Karen): well, I’m good, but I have a problem in a tooth
Dr( Luis): okey, so take a sit and relax, I check you, and I will check your teeth, while, my asistent ask you a few a personal questions.
Asistent (monse): so what’s your name?
Patient(Karen): Karen Vieyra Viñas
Asistent( Monse): how old are you?
Patient(Karen): 20 years old
Asistent(Monse): have you had systemic diseases at the moment?
Patient( Karen): no I haven´t
Asistent (Monse) :is the first dental consultation?
Patient (Karen): no it’s not.
Dr( Luis): okey, open the mouth please…..oh, you have decay, so I have to treatment., to resolve your problem.
Asistent( Monse): how can I help you dr ?
Dr(Luis): yes I need my instruments that are in this box, bring it to me please.
Asisten( Monse): take it, anything else.
Dr( Luis): no, it’s ok…...