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WWW.RASBD.TKSpeaking Practice Questions and Answers Introduction 1. Hello. Could you show me your identification card please?
Hello. Sure, here it is.
2. Could you tell me your full name please?
My full name is X. I am also called by my nick name Y.
3. What shall I call you?
You could call me X.
4. How are you?
I am well thank you, and yourself?
5. How old are you?
I am 22 years old. In other words, I was born in 1980.On the eighth of March1980, to be exact.
6a. Does your name have any special meaning?
Yes, my name does have some special meaning. My family name means peace,and my first name means strong one. My nick name was given to me by one of my high school teachers, and it does not have any special meaning really.
6b. Does your name have any special meaning?
I presume you are referring to my Muslim name. Yes, the English equivalent of my family name would be something like peace, and in the case of my first nameit would be strong one. My nick name was randomly chosen by one of my highschool teachers, and it really doesn’t have any special meaning.
7a. Is your name important to you?
No. I don’t think it can do anything for me. I believe a person has to work out hisown life. I am planning to do this as well as I can.
7b. Is your name important to you?
Not really. I am part of the new generation who do not attach too muchsignificance to our names. Names were important to the older generation as theyof the opinion that it will determine your destiny to some extent. However, I personally believe that I myself will determine my destiny irrespective of what myname is. I will do this by acquiring good qualifications and by working hard. Hometown 8. How long have you lived in your hometown?
I come from xxx. My parents have been living here for the past thirty years or so.I grew up here and I attended a well-known school called School number 163.We live in a respectable area with many shops, restaurants, and a variety of other businesses. The people in our building are generally friendly and quite,which makes it a pleasure to live there.
9a. Where do you live?
I live with my parents here in xxx at the moment. To be more exact, we live in anapartment building in one of the northern suburbs of the city. I have my own roomand enjoy the privacy that it brings, but I am looking forward to the day that I canhave my own apartment. Allow me to explain: they are good parents, and I lovethem very much, but I would like to be more independent soon.
9b. Where do you live?
Well, that is not so easy to answer. Please allow me to explain. During the week Ilive in a dormitory at the university, but over weekends I live with my parents in avillage about one hour by car from xxx. So I really do not know which of the twoto call my home at the moment.
10. Can you tell me something about your hometown?
Yes, certainly. XXX is in the northeast part of my country. It has about threemillion inhabitants. It has many heavy industries such as automobile, andmachine tool manufacturers. In addition, it is rich in history. For example, the xxxinvaded the city and committed many atrocities (that is to say many crimes)during the occupation. This is still remembered by many of the elderly folks tothis day. Another example that I could mention is the Imperial Palace thatbelonged to the last dynasty.
11. What are the main places of interest in your hometown? Why?
Sure. Firstly, I could mention the Great River, which you will find around the city.To the northeast of the city there is the famous Mountains and the zoologicalpark and botanical gardens. In summer it is a popular place to visit and seetigers, bears, wolves, other animals and even pandas in their naturalenvironment. In winter we often go skiing there. Secondly, I would like to mentionthe Park. It consists of a large park, with many gardens and a lake. In addition italso is the site of an emperors tomb from the Dynasty. Lastly, there are manyother sites that are worthwhile visiting. For example, Government (City Hall)Square with the Great Theater alongside it, Java Square, and the spectacular TVTower, which is the highest architectural attraction in my country.

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