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Ielts Task 1

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Simon
1. Line graph 2 1.1. Tips for Line graph 2 1.2. Internet Users as percentage of population 3 1.3. Internatioal migration in UK 4 1.4. UK acid rain emission 5 1.5. Water consumption 6 1.6. Car ownership 7 2. Bar chart 8 2.1. Marriages and divorces 8 2.2. Levels of participation 9 2.3. Consumer good 11 2.4. House prices 12 3. Table 13 3.1. Tips for table 13 3.2. Rail networks 14 3.3. Poverty proportion in Australia 15 3.4. Daily activities 16 3.5. Goods consumer 17 4. Pie chart 18 4.1. Cam7, page 101 18 4.2. Diet 19 5. Map 20 5.1. Village of Chorleywood 20 5.2. Gallery 21 5.3. House design 22 5.4. 2 proposed supermarket 23 6. Process 24 6.1. Tips for process diagram 24 6.2. Forecast in Australia 25 6.3. Brick manufactuting 26 6.4. Water cycle 27

Line graph
Tips for Line graph
Line graphs always show changes over time. Here's some advice about how to describe them: * Try to write 4 paragraphs - introduction, summary of main points, 2 detail paragraphs. * For your summary paragraph, look at the "big picture" - what changes happened to all of the lines from the beginning to the end of the period shown (i.e. from the first year to the last). Is there a trend that all of the lines follow (e.g. an overall increase)? * You don't need to give numbers in your summary paragraph. Numbers are specific details. Just mention general things like 'overall change', 'highest' and 'lowest', without giving specific figures. * Never describe each line separately. The examiner wants to see comparisons. * If the graph shows years, you won't have time to mention all of them. The key years to describe are the first year and the last year. You should also mention any 'special' years (e.g. a peak or a significant rise/fall). * Start...

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