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If Technology Ceased to Exist

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Technological innovation is practically underestimated that if society was left with outfit for a day it would make so much bedlam. The loss of innovation would make most consider how much simpler life is with it. It likewise would be to a great degree captivating how to perceive how individuals adjust to the loss of innovation. These days a great many people have a tendency to correspond with the utilization of innovation all the more conveying verbally. The lost benefit to impart through innovation would one the most troublesome things individuals would need to manage. This would in all likelihood cause issues in the working environment, specialists won't have the capacity to convey messages nor utilize their cell phones. Without online networking and innovation whatever is left of the world would be left distanced from whatever is left of the world.
Social Network and computers are so important to the world's industrialization of society. Many aspects of society would negatively affected if technology disappeared for one day. From the office to schools the repercussions of a world wide loss of technology would be crucial. Technology/ Social Media isn’t just to communicate, but most people nowadays use technology to pay bills, transfer money, access medical records etc. The loss of technology would have a major effect on my day to day life. It would make difficult for me to express myself, and for me to get in contact with my friends and family. In all honesty I believe if social media/ technology disappeared more people would get away with a lot more criminal activity. You have to think about it, in this day and age most people who get caught doing something most of the time get caught because of cameras and social media.

General if innovation/online networking was to simply vanish one day I would think the more youthful eras would be influenced the most....

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