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If You Were Malik, What Strategies Would You Adopt to Solve the Problem? Ans: Xyz Moon Life Insurance Faced Major Problem of High Employee Turnover. as Malik, I Would Have Adopted Following Strategies * Better Incentive,

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School of Distance Education

SIXTH SEMESTER (2011 Admission)

1. Rapid Creations has been acquired by Indigo Hues. Employees of the acquired company need basic training in A. Human relations B. New technology A. They are not convinced about their benefits B. They do not like to be away from their colleagues and friends C. They feel they are ill equipped that they need training D. None of the above 3. ____________, as a training method, helps the trainee gain cross functional knowledge A. Apprenticeship B. Simulation C. Job rotation D. Job enlargement 4. The method of training in which the trainee is given a series of questions to answer after reading relevant material is called A. Role playing B. Simulation exercises A. No of participants B. Reputation of the trainer C. Learning benefits to the trainees D. The amount paid in TAs and DAs paid to all trainees 6. Raj, a fresh chemical engineer has been provided training in a simulated work environment using the same equipment and materials that he would be using on the job A. Case exercise B. Computer modeling C. In basket training D. Vestibule training C. Programmed instruction D. Committee assignment C. Managerial aspects D. Company policy and procedures

2. Employees resist participating in training programs mainly because

5. The basic yardstick to measure the success of a training program is

Management Training and Development

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School of Distance Education

7. Mohan has an adventurous spirit and loves trekking, rock climbing etc. He wants to be a fighter pilot. His career anchor most probably is A. Service B. Pure challenge C. Autonomy D. Lifestyle 8. HR manager Pavithra arranges training programs and coordinates with different departments to conduct the same.…...

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