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IFSM 300
Professor Beach 1. List, describe, and provide an example of each of the five characteristics of high quality information.

High quality information is;

Accurate- Information that contains all properly spelled names, words, dates, etc. The accuracy of information is important for many reasons such as a package delivered properly to a customer, a return phone call regarding a customer service issue, or a misplaced decimal point on a bank deposit slip. Any of the previously mentioned mistakes, by the customer or the employee, could result in a loss of business or profits. When developing IT systems, there are certain conditions available to a programmer that can help minimize these easily made mistakes. One example of such a condition would be creating a rule that 5 digits must be entered when asking for a consumer’s zip code.

Completeness- Any information that is incomplete will prevent accurate results. Imagine a medical survey with a cell requesting a person’s date of birth. If the survey only captures the day and month of birth, the information available will not include the samples actual age, only their day and month of birth. This could prevent the employee from maintaining the average age of the consumers.

Consistency- The consistency of information across different data centers, or within a single data sheet can create a problem in trying to accurately search and find an individual or an individual’s tendencies. Let’s consider a grocery store that has a discount card with an outsourced company. If the outsourced company allows consumers to use social security numbers instead of first names, and the grocery store only allows first names when scanning groceries at check out, the card will then become ineffective. If a consumer is not given the discount expected during checkout, one of many reactions…...

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