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Innovative Apps IFTTT
•It is a single web tool available that acts as an ultimate automation service for all your internet- connected things.
•Slogan – “ Put the internet to work for you”
•Use IFTTT to automate your favourite apps and websites to app-enabled accessories and smart devices.
•IFTTT currently supports more than 110 services (also called "channels") including Android devices and Apple iOS apps like Reminders and Photos, as well as websites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Etsy, Feedly, Foursquare, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, WordPress, YouTube, and more.
How does it work?
•How does IFTTT work?
•Sign up for an account on the IFTTT website. It's a one-step process that only requires an email, username, and password. Once finished, you will see thatIFTTT has automatically created a recipe for you Dashboard.
•On the dashboard, there is a brief explanation of how IFTTT and recipes work. The "This" in "If This, Then That" stands for a trigger, while the "That" stands for an action. These two linked events create an IFTTT recipe.
•Also on the dashboard, you will see links to create custom recipes or browse (and then use) recipes already created by other IFTTT users. You can also share recipes and save recipes to a favourite section on your dashboard. If you've added a recipe to your dashboard, you will have options to turn off, delete, and edit that recipe.

•Step-by-step example
•1. From the dashboard, select the "Create a new recipe" link. You will then need to click the "this" word on the following page to select your first channel (also called trigger channel). You can scroll down the page to find and then activate Instagram, or you can enter "Instagram" into the search bar.
•2. Once you've selected Instagram, you will need to choose one of a few pre-programmed triggers. For the purposes of this example, select "Any new photo by you". Keep in mind you will need to connect your Instagram account to yourIFTTT account
•3. Now you need to choose your second channel (also called action channel). Start by clicking the "that" word on the page that pops up next. From there, scroll down to find and then activate Twitter, or you can enter "Twitter" into the search bar.
•4. Upon selecting Twitter, you will need to choose one of a few pre-programmed actions. For the purposes of this example, select "Post a tweet". Again, you will need to connect your Twitter account to your IFTTT account.
•5. And finally, complete your action fields by inserting ingredients. You can click the "+" symbol to insert any of the pre-programmed ingredients such as the caption, URL, timestamp, or even embed code. All of these recipe ingredients pertain to your Instagram photo, and they will automatically publish to Twitter in a tweet alongside your photo.
•6. Make sure you hit the "Create recipe" link at the bottom of the ingredients page when you're finished customising your recipe. At that point, IFTTT will bring you back to your dashboard. You should see your new recipe, with options for editing it.

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