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|Entry Proposal for IKEA |
|International market entry to Puerto Rico |
| |
|International Retailing |
|Tuesday 12th March 2013 |
| |
|Zoe Cole |
|Aoife Hughes |
|Tinuola Omoyele |
| |
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Terms of Reference / Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Main Body / Findings 4
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Terms of Reference / Executive Summary

In this report, we propose IKEA expand its international market into San Juan, Puerto Rico, South America as mode of entry.
The purpose of this report is to make a case for the expansion of IKEA into a new market.
The reason we chose Puerto Rico is because the research has already been completed for such a move, and only narrowly missed out to the Dominican Republic as a new destination for the self confessed flat-pack-giants.
Zoe, Tinuola and I hope that our proposal will convince you that Puerto Rico is a good move and hopefully the next move.


We propose IKEA go into Puerto Rico, San Juans ,with the hopes of
Over the past number of years IKEA has had great success stories of entering new countries and is now...

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