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Good morning and thanks for tuning into WNICK, your leading radio station in America and I’m your host Nick. Today I will informing you about the many major issues in the world today. Let’s start with our first story terror in Syria counting and president Obama is running for re-election. I will also be telling you about bomb threats off shores and at home and in state schools getting more money next year and Medicaid in Illinois. And of course the NFL Draft with your weather reports. Remember this program has been brought to you by The General for the best car insurance rates on line go to The General to save some time.
In other News, the terror unfolding in Syria continues. This news came from wide spread violence in Syria, which included a huge blast in Damascus and what have been identified as 30 dead people around the country. The United Nations predicts that at least 9,000 people have died since the protest began, while the activist groups have said the amount of deaths is at least 11,000. The UN is hoping to be able to stop the deaths soon.
In other International news, there were numerous deaths caused by suicide bombers in Kabul, Afghanistan. Less than two hours after President Obama left Afghanistan, powerful explosions shook Kabul on Wednesday when a team of suicide attackers struck a private residential compound used by hundreds of foreigners in the east of the city, breaching the outer perimeter and leaving at least eight dead with seven Afghans and a guard and about 17 wounded, officials reported. The officials have released statements saying that the Taliban have taken responsibility for these attacks and say they are messages to Mr. Obama. No matter what these terrorists are trying to demand we must stay strong and show then we won’t give up.
In National news, The Justice Department said on Tuesday that five men were arrested on charges that they planned to blow up a bridge near Cleveland. The men appeared on Tuesday in Federal District Court, where Magistrate Judge Greg White ordered them to be jailed without bail pending a hearing on Monday. The authorities said that the men had considered many landmarks in the Cleveland area in recent months and that one of the initial plots for the group “involved the use of smoke grenades to distract law enforcement in order for the co-conspirators to topple financial institution signs atop high rise buildings in downtown Cleveland.”
In other news, Barack Obama has been the leader of the U.S since 2009 and now he has decides to try and run for president once again. He has decided he will run for president in 2012 and is now one of the main two candidates left. President Obama approval rating is at 50%, and Obama is currently beating mitt Romney by 7%. Obama has been doing better than those who came before him who have lost their re-election attempts. This includes Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush and others. It doesn’t look like Mitt Romney has much of a chance against Obama but there is still time between now and November.
In more local news, Chicago schools will have something to look forward to next year. Chicago public schools, next year will receive $130 million more in funds to help officials fill a longer school day and meet higher standards. No officials would say how much each school would get in additional funds, as the amounts are still being finalized. The money comes as the high school day across the city will increase to 7 and ½ hours four days a week, while elementary schools will get to 7 hours.
In other news, the Medicaid in the sate of Illinois is dropping the day. Families USA has reported that 25 thousand people have been cut from jobs in the sate because of health related jobs. Also the total budget in the state of Illinois is 2.7 billion dollars. That is at the bottom of the USA and the governors in local areas need for things to pick up. The entire state will be in crippling debt very soon.
We here at WNICK will be right back to tell you about sports and weather after a word from our sponsors.
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We are back, so the 2012 NFL draft has come and gone. So many people were expecting the Bears to pick up an Offensive Tackle. Instead they went with the No. 19 overall pick the bears chose Shea McClein. He is an Outside line Backer out of Boise state. The Bears have a feared d3efense and great pass rusher in Julius Peppers. So many people expected different choices for the Bears but we will just have to wait and see where Shea fits in.
Hey everyone out there putting their raincoats away stop right there. Experts are predicting a forecast of rain and colder weather going into the following weeks. We can expect lots of sunshine and flowers and also lots o heat. This summer has an average forecast of almost 80 degrees. So tuff it out for two more weeks and then its nice skis and yellow rays for the next 4 months.
This has been Nick reporting for WLRFN. The news has been brought to you by The General for the most trusted car insurance since 1963. Don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow at 9 O’ clock with more great news stories. Hoping you’ll tune in then, so don’t you forget about me America.

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