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The Misinterpreted Conspiracy A conspiracy theory explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators. Many people believe in conspiracies because it sets the fundamentals to grasping if the world is controlled by an invisible intentional agent or the seeking and finding of confirmatory evidence for what we already believe. There are numerous conspiracies in America today, and many scholars have tried to prove or portray such conspiracies. However, a conspiracy that has been misinterpreted by the public eye is that of the Illuminati. The word Illuminati derives from the Latin word Illumine, which means, "To be enlightened”. According to, the illuminati is an organization of persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment (Dictionary). The organizations ultimate goal is to create a one-world government, known as the "New World Order", to control the word and the minds of people (Adam Weishaupt). The word “Illuminati” means “the brethren of the free spirit” or “the enlightened ones,” meaning these humans can do anything as long as their souls are above sin (Browne 133). In order words, through this secret organization, humans can do anything through sin and Satan. The Illuminati was founded in 1776 in Bavaria by a scholar named, Adam Weishaupt, who was a professor at Ingolstadt (“Illuminati,” Columbia). One of their means by achieving this goal exists through the mass media. Pop culture plays a tremendous role on depicting some of these instances, as many are said to mention the illuminati. How is the illuminati referenced in American pop culture and its function? Firstly, I will discuss what conspiracy theories are in general. Secondly I will talk about the references to the illuminati in movies, and books that correlate to those movies. Then I will elaborate thoroughly on how the hip-hop music industry references the illuminati and the function it plays on the youth society by critiquing my sources. Lastly, I will discuss how this situation is of personal interest to me. Conspiracies theories play an essential role in the America Culture as they set the basis to proving why things happen in the human world. In the Book review, "Conspiracy Theory in America," Lance deHaven-Smith discusses Conspiracy theories in America. He provocatively argues that conspiracy theories, “far from being merely the stuff of outlier fantasy, have played a major role in the formation of U.S. history” (Smith 166). In other words, conspiracies set the background to American history and if it wasn’t for them the development wouldn’t have been feasible. The founding Four Fathers, he insists, “developed a kind of protoconspiracy theory as a means to justify revolution, citing the abuse of King George as “proof he was plotting to subject the colonies to ‘an absolute tyranny’ ” (Smith 166). In order words, the founding four fathers believed that king George’s abuse set the fundamentals for rebellion which brought about a cruel and oppressive government. Also, Smith believes that the discussion of a conspiracy would not be complete without mention of J.F.K assassination. In sum then, his view is that the outcome of the J.F.K killing was part of the formulation for ‘conspiracy theories’ into America’s way of communication. Hence without conspiracy theories, the question as to why things happen in America will never be answered. In my opinion, I have mixed feelings about this source. Though the author does a good job to explaining why there are many conspiracies in America, he does not support his opinion with any other stakeholder into making one believe this is so. However, smith gives us a general outlook as to how conspiracy theories play a crucial role in the formation of U.S history. This leads us to why a conspiracy such as the illuminati proves to be substantial in current times. Nonetheless, the illuminati conspiracy plays a role in America pop culture. The illuminati and its goals are referenced differently through symbols and subliminal messages. Subliminal messages have been used in early advertisement commercials, movies and TV shows. It is used to get a message into the viewer’s mind without them knowing consciously. Your subconscious mind captures everything you don’t see. It is a way of mind controlling what you want to do, and your actions. Moreover, movies, books and hip-hop music have referenced the role of the illuminati in today’s America. For instance, in the movie “The Temple of the Four Orders”, featured in Guy Ritchie's film Sherlock Holmes of 2009, an interpretation of the Illuminati is clearly comprehensible. Sherlock is described as the group of men who secretly control the British Empire. Their key belief is that the sphinx at Giza in Egypt holds the key to ultimate power, and with that being said, this society is focused around the practice of witchcraft and various rituals to achieve their ends. According to, Sphinx is a figure of an imaginary creature having the head of a man or an animal and the body of a lion (Dictionary). Also, Lord Blackwood, the film's antagonist uses the society to achieve his goal of world supremacy, appealing that "magic will lead the way" into an age where people right across the world bow down to the Order out of fear for their magic, including the recently war-shattered United States of America. This allows him to cover up as being a very powerful and spectacular magician (The Temple of the Four Orders: Sherlock Holmes). In this film, the illuminati are referenced as groups of men trying to take over the British Empire to create a New World Order. This has an impact on society as it shows how much power the illuminati have, and they many ways in which they could create this so called “New Order”, in the long run bringing fear into the eyes of our American citizens.
Fig 1. This shows the All Seeing Eye placed in the lab of the movie Sherlock Holmes (Vigilant Citizen).
Fig 1. This shows the All Seeing Eye placed in the lab of the movie Sherlock Holmes (Vigilant Citizen).
Fig 2. This shows Baphomet, a so called static goat whose spirit can bring you wealth, also said to be the devil (Vigilant Citizen).
Fig 2. This shows Baphomet, a so called static goat whose spirit can bring you wealth, also said to be the devil (Vigilant Citizen). Another source that will go hand in hand with the movie will be that of the website vigilant According to this website, the movie Sherlock Holmes was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories on occultism. will define occultism as belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers (Dictionary). In this movie, Sherlock Holmes brings back to life the famous detective of the nineteen century. The plot revolves around murders that are apparently connected with occult rituals. This leads Sherlock into the mysterious world of secret societies and political conspiracies. Doyle’s works contained some vague references to occultism or Freemasonry; the movie, however, focuses solely around those themes and incorporates elements that are very relevant in today’s context: a New World Order lead by secret societies. Numerous symbols and references are peppered throughout the movie taken directly from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism or the Illuminati. According to Rosicrucianism is an adherent of a 17th and 18th century movement professing esoteric and occult wisdom with emphasis on mysticism and spiritual enlightenment (Dictionary). That being said, some symbols will be Sherlock Holmes interrupting a black magic ritual in the beginning of the movie. Another will be the cover of Blackwood’s spell book which looks like Baphomet. defines Baphomet as a pagan deity or static goat revived in the 19th century as a figure of occultism and Satanism (Dictionary). A final symbol will be the lab, which have several symbols of the “All Seeing Eye” engraved all over the walls. This movie references the illuminati as we are witnessing a definite occultization of mass media ( In my view then, I think this movie was made just to show people that the illuminati think they can make their members super heroes, as the story resurrects Sherlock Holmes from the dead. Throughout the movie, Holmes knows all the answers to the problems at stake and also solves a resurrection from the dead. It also shows how the film antagonist Blackwood can use his magical powers to control the world. This shows how the illuminati is trying to scare society, by making the people of America feel that their members and organization can do anything possible in this world to achieve their means; world domination. Moving on, In the novel Angels and Demons, writer Dan Drown, a journalist discusses how the Illuminati is set out to destroy Vatican City as retribution for suppressing them hundreds of years ago and forcing them deeper underground. In this movie, the illuminati was founded by Galileo Galilee as a progressive reaction to oppression by the Catholic Church. Initially, they were based in Italy, but fled after four key members were executed by the Vatican. The story is most likely an intentional whitewash of the real Illuminati. Either way, Brown’s writings and subsequent films which followed can be seen as a deliberate attack on Christianity and muddying the water for real researchers of the Illuminati (Angels & Demons). In sum, Dan Brown writes in such a way to making one believe that there is actually no such thing as the Illuminati today, but existed centuries ago. There is evident proof as to how the illuminati are portrayed in this movie, however the main character Robert Langdon still believes that the illuminati is defunct(Angels & Demons). In this novel, the illuminati is a scapegoat. They are accused as a group of men who ought to control the world but only excited for a short while as it officially defunct when secret societies were banned by the government in 1784. Now they have to face the blame of people who are evil by killing numerous of our citizens in order to gain more wealth, control and power. Moreover, In the book “The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction”, Mark Dice, a media analysts and political activist believes that brown ideas on trying to disprove the illuminati are far-fetched and that throughout his novel are made up fictions and lies about the illuminati. As Mark Dice puts it, Brown actually defends the Illuminati in his movie. His character Robert Langdon, who is an “expert” on the Illuminati, fails to see them as a sinister power hungry gang, but instead says, “The Illuminati may have believed in the abolition of Christianity, but they wielded their power through political and financial means, not through terrorists acts. Furthermore, the Illuminati had a strict code of morality regarding who they saw as enemies” (Dice 185). Hence, I have mixed feelings with Dice, because regardless of how amusing and compelling Brown’s novel may be, it serves only to defuse an already ignorant and corrupted public, leading them to believe that the Illuminati is a fictional creation. Another media analysts that will support Mark Dice views, will be that of Farhan Khan, media analysts on the video “music industry exposed”. Khan believes that the movie Angles & demons uses reverse psychology. This makes the American society feel that placing symbols everywhere don’t make sense. Through this, we reject their existence. He further goes on to portraying how the movie reference the illuminati by name, but then makes them out to be a society that existed many centuries ago. But, the truth is that it still exists, and it is a tactic to make people believe that there is no such thing (Music industry exposed full length, 1hr: 26min). Though theses stakeholders believe that Dan browns views on the illuminati are far-fetched, I will insist that one shouldn’t believe that it still exist just from what these stakeholders have to say. However it raises awareness to society of how such conspiracies could be misinterpreted. This leads us to our next question on how is the Illuminati using the music industry such as hip-hop to poison the minds of a generation of young people? Today, majority of people listen to music and the music industry controls what you listen to. Nonetheless, with the industry monitoring what is going on many people do not make notice to the real meaning behind the lyrics or actions of an artist. It has to do with needing to open people’s eyes to the bigger picture and not just a part of it. Firstly, it is said that the music industry works to brainwash its listeners and viewers by using symbolism, subliminal messages, and its satanic ritual. Secondly, there has been a lot of discussion about what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry and what they try to achieve. In the next paragraphs I will shows ways in which this is done through music by the use of sources.
Fig 4. The All Seeing Eye which is visible behind the one dollar bill, portraying that the illuminati have secret knowledge that is above the knowledge of all others ( Adam Weishaupt).
Fig 4. The All Seeing Eye which is visible behind the one dollar bill, portraying that the illuminati have secret knowledge that is above the knowledge of all others ( Adam Weishaupt).
Fig 3. This shows one of the illuminati symbols, the lightning bolt, which represents power, strength. and Poseidon (Adam Weishaupt).
Fig 3. This shows one of the illuminati symbols, the lightning bolt, which represents power, strength. and Poseidon (Adam Weishaupt). Music videos are a big part of artists displaying to their fans and new viewers the story behind their songs. But within those videos symbolism is palpable. Also, when one grasp this fundamental of what they are; one begins to realize how common they become. There are numerous illuminati symbols placed in the music videos or wherever the artist goes. Every song or video references the illuminati in its own special way and plays an important role on influencing the young crowd into believing what they do. Illuminati symbols that are most often seen are the series of multiple triangles, three pyramids in a row, the all-seeing eye, Baphomet’s pentagram, a lightning bolt, and numbers that contain secret meanings and have to do with the stars, full moons, and historical dates of ancient gods and rulers. Many believe the dollar bill represents hidden signs of Free Masonry and Illuminati. It contains the pyramid topped with the all-seeing eye. The ‘hidden hand’ and the representation of an ‘M’ with the fingers are both gestures that represent the Free Masons. Many confirmed Illuminati and Free Masons have posed this way in many pictures and paintings. For example, George Washington and even Adolph Hitler always stood in this pose for photographs (Dubay). Fig 5. Show Rihanna covering one eye in her album cover rated R, depicting that she is part of the illuminated one (Rihanna Album cover).
Fig 5. Show Rihanna covering one eye in her album cover rated R, depicting that she is part of the illuminated one (Rihanna Album cover). Moving on, a great example of an artist that has been showing symbolism of these types is R and B singer, Rihanna. In one of her songs called “Run This Town”, according to the website, they argue that their YouTube video shows a group of rebels going against a town and taking control of it. The leader of the rebel group is Rihanna where she has all of her followers making the beat with the torches. As they make contact with both torches it resembles the freemason symbol. Also as Rihanna is up on the stage she has her two hands up in the air with all of her fingers together except for both the index and thumb, making the “L” shape. And as you put both “L’s” together with the index and thumb touching each other, it creates a triangle. On Rihanna’s album cover, “Rated R”, shows her in a picture in which her right hand covers her right eye, which leaves you with one eye. And what this all means is that these artists are showing that they are a part of the illuminated ones (, Jay-Z feat. Rihanna & Kanye West Run This Town, Subliminal Messages, 2009). Their view is that Rihanna is trying to rebel against God’s light and his law. Though in the video they point out the illuminati symbols Rihanna shows in “Run this town”, they don’t fully backup their points with accurate and factual evidence about what they mean and how it plays a function in pop culture. In this video, the author is being biased as he has one opinion, believing that the video is full of illuminati symbols and subliminal messages trying to control the minds of people. In sum, then, I agree on the point that these pop stars throw up these symbols to make notice that they are a part of the illuminated ones. However, their point about artist rebelling against God’s light and law is insubstantial and has no extra proof to why that is so. Also, since the author is unknown, credibility cannot be given. This could be made up assumptions of how Rihanna is depicting that she is part of the illuminati. Another song of Rihanna that references the illuminati will be “Rude boy”. This video displays several symbols that represent the Illuminati. Multiple triangles appear throughout the video, and also the use of three pyramids, the all-seeing eye, and the lightning bolts (Rihanna). In this video it is recognizable that Rihanna portrays a character with unlimited power and authority of this “boy” to whom she is singing. That being said, her actions in this video exhibit the Illuminati and their purpose. In my opinion, I believe that Rihanna demonstrates all these symbols as a way to become more famous and wealthy. She wants to be known as the princess of hip-hop by dressing like a sex symbol. By agreeing to be part of this society, one is brought upon riches. Also, she does this because she wants to convince the youth society that life is all about looking sexy, wealth, and having fame. In the August 2011 article, “The Effects of Pop Culture on Teenagers”, sociologist Audrey Tramel, talks about how the predominance of pop culture in today's society definitely has some effect on teenagers. He claims that, “Most if not all pop culture icons extend their visibility beyond culture and into brands, which they sell via advertisements or products carrying their name. Teenagers who see, for example, Jay-Z wearing his Rocawear label may then be influenced to wear that label. Beyond fostering a certain degree of commercialism, these brands have associations in and of themselves that tie into self-definition or social groups within a teenager's life. Often, celebrity brands tie into an acceptance level among teenagers, such that some teenagers feel they must own a particular brand in order to be accepted. While not necessarily harmful, these sentiments can distract teenagers from key aspects of their development” (Tramel 1). In other words, teenagers look at pop stars like Rihanna, the way she dresses and are influence to uniform the same because they think it will make the cool and more acknowledged by the youth society. I will disagree with Tramel because she doesn’t give us facts, numbers, or instances whereas teens all over America have openly admitted to be affected by such pop stars and the way they dress. Nevertheless, that is not the only way that messages are depicted, they also send their message backwards in their songs. Artists sing songs made with specific intentions to make people think a certain way by using all of their sneaky ways to put their ideas in our subconscious mind. There are many examples of these types of messages especially in the song “the interlude to Lucifer”, by Jay-Z. In the book “The Truth Behind Hip-hop”, Preacher Craig Lewis discusses how hip hop subculture is a destructive force. Specifically he makes notice to a verse in Jay- Z song which says, “666, murder, murder Jesus, Catholics I gotta murder em, murder, murder Jesus, 666” (Lewis 25). Here, it is evident that Jay-Z references the illuminati and their goals to Condemn Christianity. The purpose of the message is to get you to feel that it is all right to agree with the information and take action upon it. That being said, one is supposed to follow Jay-Z ways into ‘Murdering Catholics’. Though I agree with Lewis mostly and what he is addressing, I also disagree with Lewis, because according to my research there is no full proof that everyone in this hip-hop industry channel evil spirits in order to make better and greater hits. Others will say that in the world of G. Craige Lewis, any successful black entertainer, preacher, or athlete has given their soul to the devil and/or the gay agenda and are part of the illuminati. However, my point here is that the Illuminati is portrayed in pop culture and should interest those who are into mainstream media and politics. Beyond this limited audience, however, my point should speak to anyone who cares about the larger issue of how this society and their goals can lead a person to eternal destruction, and how we got to be careful in this America we live in.
Fig 6. This shows lady gaga being dressed like Baphomet, showing that she worships this so called spirit goat also known as the devil (Web Parkz).
Fig 6. This shows lady gaga being dressed like Baphomet, showing that she worships this so called spirit goat also known as the devil (Web Parkz). Another artist that references such symbols will be Kate Perry and her song, “E.T.” that features Kanye West. According to the website web Parkz, the official music video for “E.T.” appears to be in space. The characters and the scenery are alien-like and unusual, like the gods worshiped by the Illuminati. For a portion of the video, it is visible that Katy Perry is dressed to resemble the goat from the Bamphomet pentagram. Her make-up, braided hair, and head gear are all put together to satirist the look and shape of the goat. Kanye West welcomes Katy Perry to the “danger zone” (Katy Perry), or in other words, the Illuminati. Katy Perry sings, “You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?” (Katy Perry) She sings and implies that others say to be afraid; she admits that her eyes are finally open (Katy Perry). “Fill me with your poison… I wanna be a victim” (Katy Perry) Who is Katy Perry referring to? She is referencing that she is part of the Illuminati and will do anything to follow their goals. She is selling her spirit, her soul, to an unnatural world. Her lyrics make it seem that she knows how treacherous it is, but she sings, “For you I’d risk it all” (Katy Perry). There are flash images of a deer being attacked by a cheetah; this is an indecisive image. Nevertheless, it goes hand in hand with her lyrics and the unseen meaning behind them. Katy Perry symbolizes the innocent deer, and the cheetah epitomizes the over-powerful, wealthy Illuminati (webparkz). I will raise a question, “does Katie Perry references the illuminati in order to receive tremendous wealth and fame”? According to the symbols portrayed by founder Adam Weishaupt, Perry however depicts many of these in her videos. On the other hand, others will claim that she joined it in exchange for a record deal, and now her music talks about the New World Order, and down with borders, and the promotion of Satanism. Music has connected people throughout the years, ranging from several genres. It has a dark secret lying within its lyrics though. Symbolism, subliminal messages, and the ritual process all have something to do with the music industry’s connection with the illuminati. They have a higher agenda with intentions of not doing good things. Artists are brainwashed to do the illuminati’s work for them and their fans follow what they do. You have to listen to the lyrics and not the beat. Read between the lines and you will see how corrupt they can be. However, I find this topic about the illuminati and Pop Culture very intriguing, because I always wanted to know the truth behind all that happens in the industry and the impact it has on society. I had never heard of it until my freshman year of high school. A teacher of mine mentioned the word in class, and she related it with some of my favorite celebrities and musicians, so I instantly began questioning. Although what I heard about these music artists and movie stars disappointed me, I suddenly became very fascinated with this, frightening theory, mysterious, so I went home and started to do some research. I found that many people feel that the Illuminati is a secret society that revolves around wealth, fame, and power. That being said, finally having a chance to talk about an issue in college captivated me to further research on the illuminati in pop culture and its function. Also, I have a few relatives who are trying to be a part of the music industry, so researching information on the process to making it into this industry will give me an opportunity to explain to them how their future is going to look like, and the possible processes they might go through. The discussion about the illuminati conspiracy has been living for several years. To finally ponder on such a topic has really put me in the know. In the August 15 1871 letter by Albert Pike to Mazzini outlined plans for three world wars that were seen necessary to bring about the One World Order (Albert Pike). In other words, suggesting ways in which the illuminati could take over and control the world’s population. Pop culture is a part of the illuminati’s agenda in order to accomplish their goal. Society tries to get the youth on the mind set of that you need to live a life aimed toward becoming famous and rich. And there are people in this world that would do anything to get there. But in order to sign with the “big record companies” they have to be willing to work with the illuminati’s agenda. The most famous celebrates make a deal with the devil in order to become famous; trading your soul to him for fame and fortune (illuminati The Illuminati however, are right before our eyes. They are depicted on most of our favorite shows, within our favorite political party, and they send their message through our favorite movie, songs and the videos that go along. To sum up, the youth society in America should not only be alert but be vigilant of this controlling, powerful secret cult, the Illuminati. As the term goes, “Catch them young and they shall be yours forever”. Works cited
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