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Psychology 305: Psychology of Personality

Activity 3.

|Key Terms | |
|Aggregation and Reliability | |
|Cross-Situational Consistency | |
|Situationalist Critique | |
|Empirical Objections | |
|Theoretical Objections | |
|Cross-Cultural Consistency | |
|Etic Approach | |
|Emic Approach | |
|Temporal Stability | |
|1. Rank Order Stability | |
|Personality Coherence | |
|2. Mean Level Stability | |
|3. Structural Stability | |
|Temperament Research | |...

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...The Dissenter Pam's House Blend Elections FDL TV Just Say Now Password Remember Me Login              Username: « Is the UK Torture Inquiry an Attempt to Limit Further Disclosure? Another Obama Recess Appointment For Someone Not Named Johnsen » Wikileaks Leaker Bradley Manning Finally Charged By: emptywheel Tuesday July 6, 2010 12:14 pm submit Tweet 93 The government has finally charged Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks leaker. He is charged with two counts of violating the UCMJ, one related to loading onto his own unsecure computer a set of information and adding unauthorized software to a military network computer, and the other related to accessing and passing information onto someone not entitled to have it. I find the charge sheet particularly interesting for two reasons. What the government says that Manning did with the material he accessed, and an apparent discrepancy between the government’s depiction of the timing and Wired’s depiction of it. What the government knows about what Manning did with the information First, it describes the information he accessed differently as follows:   The video of the July 12, 2007 Apache killing of Reuters journalists (obtained via unauthorized access, loaded onto his unsecured computer, transmitted to someone unauthorized to receive it) The Rejkjavik State Department cable leaked by WikiLeaks (obtained via unauthorized access, transmitted to someone unauthorized to receive it) 50 State......

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