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Dr. G V V Sha rma ,
A ssis ta nt P ro fe ssor, EE Depart me nt ,
Ind ia n Institu te o f Te c hn o log y Hyd e ra b a d
Ka n d i, Me d a k Distric t.

To Whomsoever It May Concern
I h ave been info rmed by my former student at IIT Hyderabad, Mr. Po rika Kap il, that he is now p ursu in g a p ost grad uate d eg ree at IIM Ranchi an d will sh ortly b e appearing for su mmer placements.
I have tau ght Kapil a few cou rses at IIT Hyderabad, b ut kno w him well because of a m in i project th at h e did u nd er m y gu id an ce in the sixth semester o f his u nderg radu ate prog ram.
Wh enever I print a fil e, I remember him, as d id other stud en ts in my lab wh o were h is con tempo raries at co llege. Kapil h elped set u p a print server u sing a raspberry p i as part of his mini project. Th e rasp berry p i is a low cost mini comp uter run ning th e lin ux o perating system. Th e task was n ot easy, sin ce it req uires a lot of patien ce and u nd erstan ding o f the n etwo rk level so ftwares that n eed to b e installed in th e rasp berry p i.
I am told that Kapil is very po pular am ong his classm ates and ju niors, and find h im to be a pleasant chap myself. I am sure he w ill do well in he corpo rate world, sin ce h e po ssesses th e rare qu alties mentio ned in th e previous paragraph: p atience an d un derstand in g.
I wish Kapil th e best in fu tu re.

Sin cerely,

Dr. G V V Sharma,
Assistant Pro fessor,
EE Dep artmen t,
IIT Hyderab ad g adepall@ii th .ac.i n

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