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Imagery Is the Key

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Brooke Bull
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24 September 2013
Imagery is the Key

Throughout the short story “The Blue Bouquet” by Octavio Paz, there are several different types of imagery. The descriptive detail in the story adds a design of what the scene of the village looked like in Paz’s eyes. Without descriptive detail and imagery, the short story would be hard to understand and follow. With the use of visual imagery, auditory imagery, and kinesthetic imagery, showing more detail and visual imagination, throughout the story, helps the reader see and feel exactly what Paz is feeling throughout the story. Visual imagery is one of the factors Paz uses in his short story to help the reader’s visual and imagine what is going on. For example when he says, “Suddenly the moon appeared from behind a black cloud, lighting a white wall..,” (Paz 3), it is making the reader imagine the moon coming out of the clouds, so the little boy could see where he wanted to go. Another example of Paz’s visual imagery would be when the little boy finally turns around and faces the man who is trying to take his eyes. When Paz says “..He was small and fragile. His palm sombrero covered half his face. ..,” (Paz 12), that helps the reader understand and visualize what the old man looked like and who the little boy was up against. As the reader can conclude that without visual imagery in a story, the story is hard to understand and imagine. Without Paz describing the old man, the readers would have never known who the little boy was up against, and without Paz describing the light of the moon, making a path for the boy to walk; the reader would not be able to understand the beautifulness of the night. If a reader cannot visualize what is happening in the story, then the reader will most likely fall out of interest with the story and want to finish reading it because it did not...

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