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Images of Beauty

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Images of Beauty

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October 2, 2013
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Adolescence is a time of both delicate concern about social acceptance as well as self-conscious obsession with self-image and identity. Becoming more aware of society's selective standards, many youngsters look to the media for guiding on the "ideal" way to look and act. Teenagers have more access to images from the media that sponsor a growing acceptance of makeup, fragrances and unnatural beauty, their self-esteems becomes dependent on an unnatural and constructed thought of beauty. The images promoted and portrayed in the media, can be harmful and have dangerous impacts on the lives' of many individuals. The images revealed and published by the media harmful effects begin the minute they start being used for entertainment and sale purposes; however, it doesn't stop there, the images can also be demeaning the self-esteems of individuals as well as creating unhealthy habits that teenagers find the need to follow. Everyday more ads are being released whether it's for a newly engineered face wash or the season's latest sweater. Quickly as soon as the item is advertised, teenagers run to the nearest shopping malls to get their hands on the "Oh, So GREAT" invention, without realizing the price worth of the item. Therefore, now the happy teen picks out the item and gets to the checkout stand, later to discover that the item is $150. At that point, the teen has two options, shoplifting or charging the credit card. Although rarely does anyone rely on the shoplifting method, it does happen. Whether it's shoplifting or charging the credit card, the teenager's emotional state alters from being happy to guilty. As mentioned in, "Muscular Ideal Media Images and Men’s Body Image: Social Comparison Processing and Individual Vulnerability" (Hargreaves &...

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