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Imani Simone's It Only Takes Once

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After reading the book It Only Takes Once, by Imani Simone, the plot was engrossing because it gives the reader an idea of how it would be to be in a relationship with a player type, well known, drug dealer, millionaire man. The plot always had a compelling ending, I never wanted to stop reading. One of the main parts that never made me want to stop was when Khadarious’s grandmother called and woke Shakaylyn up out of her sleep to tell her, “Sweetheart.” She said pausing. “He was shot.” Throughout the plot, there was a lot of ongoing, violent situations that made me want to keep reading. For example, “I saw blinding headlights and heard tires screeching but thought nothing of it until I felt Khadarious’s hands tighten around my waist. BANG BANG BANG Khadarious pushed me inside the truck as shots continued to ring out.” It seemed like the plot never ended, it always became more thrilling. In the book, It Only Takes Once, by Imani Simone the two characters that made the plot intriguing were Shakaylyn and Khadarious. Shakaylyn is a classy, 26 year old lawyer who ends up becoming pregnant with twins and engaged to her client Khadarious. Shakaylyn was always positive throughout her relationship, even though Khadarious wasn’t …show more content…
Shakaylyn says, “He has one more chance and if he messes that up, then I’m giving him his ring back as well as all the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags, then I’m moving back into my condo and I’m not speaking to him unless it has something to do with our children.” Shakaylyn was always committed to Khadarious, she knew he wasn’t ready for the lifestyle they were planning on having, but she stayed through it all. She never once gave up on him, even though she had thoughts of it. She knew she was in love and loving him was stopping her from leaving. So she decided to push through and make it all

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