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The Role of Media in a Democracy
By Muhammad Hafiz
A democracy is a system of government in which all the people of a country can vote to elect their representatives. Media came into existence around the…...

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... demonstrating the initiatives I have taken towards professional growth which will enable me to be an active participant in transformation of current nursing practice and for its future References Aiken LH, Cimiotti ,JP, Sloane, DM, Smith ,HL, Flynn, L, Neff, DF (2011). Effects of nurse Staffing and Nurse Education on Patient Deaths in Hospitals with Different Nurse Work Environments. Med Care. 49, P 1047-53 Furlong E, Smith R. (2005) Advanced nursing practice: Policy, education and role development. Journal Of Clinical Nursing.;14(9):1059-66. Friese,C.R, Lake,ET, Aiken, LH, Silber,JH & Scholaski,L (2008) Hospital Nurse Practice environments and outcomes for surgical oncology patients. Health Services Research, 43(4), 1145-1163 Gerrish K, McDonnell A, Nolan M, Guillaume L, Kirshbaum M, Tod A.(2011) The role of Advanced practice nurses in knowledge brokering as a means of promoting Evidence-based practice among clinical nurses. Journal Of Advanced Nursing 67(9):2004-14 Institute of medicine (2010).  The Future of Nursing Leading Change, Advancing Health Report Recommendations. June 16, 2012, from Lenz, Elizabeth R., Mary O’Neil Mundinger, Robert L. Kane, Sarah C. Hopkins, and Susan X. Lin.(2004) “Primary Care Outcomes in Patients Treated by Nurse Practitioners or Physicians: Two-year Follow-up.”......

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... provided the network is operationally connected, that is each device in the system is visited at least once by each job. Little’ law: This law holds under the assumption of job ‡ balance. Let Qi be the s ow mean number of jobs in the device i: Then Qi = i Ri = X i Ri Response time law: Let Q be the total number of jobs in the system. Then Q = XR Also Q = M X i=1 Qi XR Since Xi = XVi ; we have = M X i=1 X i Ri R= M X i=1 Ri Vi Operational Laws and Mean Value Analysis 4 This equation is called the general response time law. The law states that the total time spent by a job at a queueing center is the product of response time per visit and the number of visits. Further the total time in the system is equal to the sum of total times at various queueing centers. Example. Problem Statement: We consider a time sharing system. See Figure 32.8 of the text-book by Raj Jain. In a time sharing system, accounting log data produced the following user pro…le for user programs. Each program requires 5 seconds of CPU time and makes 80 I/O requests to disk A and 100 I/O requests to disk B. The average think time of the users was 18 seconds. From the device speci…cations, it was determined that disk A takes 50 milliseconds to satisfy an I/O request and disk B takes 30 milliseconds per request. With 17 active terminals, disk A throughput was observed to be 15.70 I/O requests per second. The average queue length was observed to be 8.88, 3.19, and 1.40......

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