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A B. Finance Specialization Requirements (12 semester hours): Term Two (spring) | | | IMB 531 Portfolio Analysis and Management I: Equity | (2) | | IMB 532 Portfolio Analysis and Management II: Fixed Income | (2) | | IMB 533 Portfolio Analysis and Management III: Derivatives and Financial Risk Management | (2) | | IMB 536 Global Macroeconomic Trends and Financial Institutions or CSB Elective | (1) | | IMB 534 International Real Estate Investment | (1) | | IMB 539 Financial Management | (2) | | IMB --- CSB Elective | (2) | | Or | | | | | | IMB 595 Special Topics in International Business (to be completed at an IBSA partner school) | | C. Thesis or Extensive Written Case Analysis (12 semester hours): Term 3 (summer) | | | IMB 599 Thesis | (6) | | IMB 594 Capstone Project / Practicum | (6) |

IMBA Course Descriptions (UNCW)
The course descriptions shown below are only for courses offered by UNCW and the Cameron School of Business. See each alliance school for their course offerings.
IMB 531. Cases in International Finance (1-2) This course will focus on international financial management cases. Cases will build on topics of international monetary systems, international investment decisions, portfolio diversifications, multinational capital structure, and foreign exchange risk and management.
IMB 532. Portfolio Analysis and Management I (2) This course is designed to focus on tool and techniques of modern portfolio theory in a global context. Students will convert theory to practice through active management of a real dollar portfolio.
IMB 533. Portfolio analysis and Management II (2) This course is designed to focus on the fixed income asset class as a component of an actively managed portfolio. In addition to fixed income, the course will address alternative asset classes and the use of derivatives.
IMB 534. International Real Estate Investment (2) The course will first survey "real estate” as a bundle of rights defined differently across borders. Students will review special topics related to international real estate value. These topics will include: the mathematics of real estate investment, special tax-deferral and tax sheltering options, cross-border money transfers, offshore real estate ownership, and the expanding importance of ecotourism and sustainable development.
IMB 535. International Finance (2) A global overview of managerial and financial accounting for international financial decision-making at an advanced level. The course focuses on analysis and decision making techniques affecting global economics, multinational finance, international accounting, global harmonization, corporate governance, and global value creating management.
IMB 536. Global Macroeconomic Trends (2) Analysis of aggregate economic economy, the effects of fiscal and monetary policies in a global environment and financial institutions in which global business firms operate. The course will measure, analyze, and interpret economic data in an open economic context.
IMB 537. Global Topics (1-4) A series of topics providing depth in functional areas such as global business and economic forecasting, financial statement analysis, global information technology, project management, and globally emerging topics.
IMB 538. Financial Reserach Methods (1-2) An extensive study of the research methods utilized to understand and analyze financial issues. Topics and skills covered include: 1) identification and extraction of reliable data for interest rates, equity, prices, company fundamentals, and foreign currency, 2) utilization of SAS, Eventus, Bloomberg, and Microsoft Excel to perform analytics such as correlations, regressions, and event studies, and 3) presentation of research results.
IMB 539. Financial Management (1-2) This is a corporate finance course designed for international MBA students. The primary objective of this course is to provide an understanding of finance and financial management. This primary objective will be supported with examination of relevant topics in contemporary finance. These will include an appreciation of financial terms and the interplay between the capital markets, financial managers and financial institutions. At the core of this basic understanding is knowledge of the tools used by financial managers in their decision-making. With regular reference to current issues in personal, business and international finance, these tools and terms will be introduced and examined.
IMB 594. Capstone Project (1-6) Pre-requisite: Permission of MBA Director. Focused study of a research topic in the practical application of financial decision making/recommendation under the guidance of one or more faculty members. Topics are selected by the student with faculty and MBA Director approval. Written analysis and oral presentation of the project is required.
IMB 595. Special Topics in International Business (1-15) This course reflects the specialization topic courses taken by the International MBA (IMBA) students at one of the European partner schools. All IMBA students are required to choose a specialization area for their degree. The courses, topics and content of these specilaization areas will differ for each of our partner schools. The transient courses taken abroad will be reflected in this course.
IMB 599. Thesis, Case Development, Practicum (1-6) Required extensive exercise as a culminating experience for all international Masters of Business Administration degree seekers. Approval by MBA director and International Program director.

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