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Imc and Customer Satisfation

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IMC and Customer Satisfaction

Katherine Clay

Marketing Management
May 28, 2012
Dr. Eva M. Ananiewicz
Strayer University

Abstract This paper will discuss the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) and Customer Satisfaction. The paper will also deal with advertising strategies and the correlation with our marketing goals and the effectiveness of the advertisement utilized. We will also look at promotional strategies utilized in addition to the advertisement. The paper will measure customer satisfaction regarding our product/service(s) that we provide in addition to determining how gaps in customer expectations and experiences need addressing.

Advertising Strategy Alignment with Marketing Goals Our advertising strategy is geared toward consumers/customers who have a need for our product/services either short term or long term. The marketing goal has always been to deliver quality products/services to our customer. Our main activity is renting items to consumers who have a need, whether the item is a PC, furniture, entertainment system, moving truck, or appliance/furniture dolly. The need can be long term if a theft of the PC or lap top has occurred or it can be a short-term rental due to repair or intent to own the product. Both item and need deals with behavior of consumers and often the goal is repeat business, loyalty to the product and service offered.
Determining Advertising Effectiveness Measuring advertising effectiveness is one of the key components to having a successful marketing campaign. If you are concerned about whether your marketing return on investment is worthwhile or if you are spending a lot on marketing without seeing results, knowing how to track and measure the performance of your activities will not only make you more efficient but also stretch your...

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