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Imc Strategy Overview

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IMC Strategy Overview Memo
Jami Durham
MKT 544
Chrisann Merriman

IMC Strategy Overview Memo To: Chrismann Merriman From: Jami LDurham Date: October 28, 2013 Re: Strategy Memo Overview of IMC Strategy

Today marks a new day for DrivingMBA to develop a strategy to build the DrivingMBA’s brand. The new strategy will be one that as an organization will have to be worked on together so to accomplish a powerful marketing tool. The old way of marketing and the organization just sending out flyers and using word of mouth is no longer. As an organization there are going to be visitations to at least three different high schools within the state. This is so that students all over Arizona know who DrivingMBA is and what DrivingMBA does. There are going to be six billboards set up amongst the major freeways. The owner will make sure to get on all the different news channels instead of only one. DrivingMBA will be making a commercial to be seen on the television. DrivingMBA will still be using Facebook.

Brand Position

The brand position of DrivingMBA and marketing challenge is going to be hard. Most consumers are going to go for the competition because it is cheaper. DrivingMBA is the highest price driving school in the valley. However, it is the only school that teaches students to drive with simulators. This will help with the brand position.

Target Markets
The main target market would be to reach those teenagers who are just learning how to drive. However, DrivingMBA also wants to reach people of all agers who do not know how to drive and want to learn no matter what age. The main objective is to teach drivers how to be safe on the road. Brand Messages/IMC Objectives

For DrivingMBA integrated marketing communication is about using all the marketing tools. Driving MBA has effective ways of using its mailing brochures, ads, and social media. With branding a strong message has to be sent identifying the viable target audience. Driving MBA took all the necessary steps possible to change the brand. DrivingMBA knows what the competitors offer and what they provide. The organization has done much research and has students come from the competitors as well. The staff at DrivingMBA will need to make sure that he or she is aware of what makes our products different. This way it can be known to prospective customers and our regular customers in DrivingMBA’s marketing and sales efforts. DrivingMBA wants all the consumers and customers to know that the branding message is focused on the positive aspects of DrivingMBA to build a great reputation.
IMC Plan/SWOT Analysis
The focus is to get families who have multiple teenagers or drivers to in the household who will more than like purchase packages at DrvingMBA and return with the other drivers to purchase more packages or programs. The strengths and weaknesses are that the DrvingMBA has no real control. The strength the organization has is by showing the customers that the organization in the best driving school and the organization also used simulators to teach. The weakness is that the organization revolves around sales and profitability. The opportunity is showing others that DrivingMBA does work and that the organization in the best in the area and the organization spend time the quality time needed with the drivers. The weakness is the competitors are hundreds of dollars cheaper than DrivingMBA and for those people who are worried about price and not safety will go to the competitors. Objectives of IMC Plan

The main objective for DrivingMBA’s key objective to our IMC plan is to satisfy our customers and make our customers happy. AS an organization as well we a make sure that we cover and get all the geographical areas in the state of Arizona. DrivingMBA does realize that there are going to be families who are not going to hours to get to one of our many locations. However, at DrivingMBA the goal is brand awareness and making sure that people know who we are, and creating brand loyalty and increasing the customer database. Database Influence

At DrivingMBA the database is a list of students in the schools in the surrounding area. The list useful to the organization to keep track of how many new students is enrolling and how the organization can reach out the students when he or she turns the legal age to get a permit. This information will help with the opportunities that may come available in order to pursue new drivers.

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